LIFE & Reward

Reward is merited, a Gift does not have to be, As for Reward, the work's done already, but a gift will require its JUST reciprocation in due time,
A gift is so humble it comes first, so sacrificial it throws itself first in the fore.
The risk it takes, so commendable. It fears not iF it will get a return for its gesture.
Reward on the other hand is secure, you don't get it until you have worked, you don't receive it until you have deserved it.
Its no twist understanding here that with REWARD; "Your reward justifies your work". But with GIFT, "Its up to you to justify the gift with your work".

Life's a gift, and you've got to justify it by living and living right.
Life's a gift, let them who say they merited it, step forward and tell us how, so there'll be less death in the world as we can now work for lives.
Life's a gift and we are the better for it
Life's a gift that keeps on giving. Oh, what a beautiful thing!
Life is a gift, all times, appreciate the Giver.

Appreciate the gift of life, be what it may with you at the moment.
Every other thing, we can get back if lost, but life, I'm sorry it comes all but once.
We should guard jealously, if anything at all, LIFE.
We haven't even 'Paid' back for the measure we received, why then shall we waste of or even entirely, what we've got in hand?

SomeTimes In #April, #DeepThoughts for Easter.

Its The Wordsmith™
(C) 2014.
Akogun Olalekan™


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