Earlier in the week I made this post on my Facebook page about mothers, and fortunately, only a few days after, it's Mother's Day.
Its being found out that in the last two decades, the weight of shouldering a family has quietly and now even more noticeably shifted to the women folk. For reasons not too far fetched, the life expectancy of men has dropped drastically, leaving many homes without a father and in turn mothers to bear alone the cost of raising the children.
A popular saying from South-Western Nigeria where I hail from goes thus; "the father's property is for all, but the mother's her children's". This notion has made mothers sit up, and rise up to work for the love of their children and the future too.

#PleaseCheck "Every step a good mother takes, has the consideration of her children in it,  be it longterm or short.".  They think us round the clock.
Children; sons and daughters might have been able to buy cars, buy or build houses and do sweet remarkable things to appreciate their mothers, still nothing equals her invaluable impact.
Shout out to great mothers, may you live long to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

My call to seemingly irresponsible ones who have neglected their roles or failed to understand their place, there's still time enough to change, the world is waiting to celebrate you.
To the future moms, what kind of mother are you preparing to become? (This Is beyond Wishing).
Happy Mother's Day!!!

(Below is found the original post from earlier this week.)
Its 8am in a sleepy town where stores and even transport workers have hardly opened for businesses. I met this woman while she was bidding her son goodbye as he left her roadside stand for school. She had just handed him N750 meant for his school fees and a book or two. Her last line was what strucked me as her son left. She said; "Saanu mi, ma mulo be, ntori e  na ni mo fi tun ji de biyi". Meaning: "Have mercy on me, manage this, I'm here again this early because of you.


  1. Layo10:29

    happy mother's day to my mum and all oda mums out dere , U guys rock

  2. Mothers are indeed the treasures money can't buy. When I count my blessings, I count my mother twice.

  3. Perhaps even more than twice.


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