None FAILED, Only All QUIT.

The ground is tough to til,
Its rocky make up damages every tool assembled,
The metal spoon has brought much disappointment, it wouldn't scoop the rocky earth beneath,
The table knife with which I dug, has left me just one feet deep all week.
The wind has taken sides against my efforts,
The rain hasn't been fair to it either,
The bit of my metal spoon is nullified,
All earth scooped have been washed back to its place.
Like I hadn't done a thing all week,
How much longer will It take to dig a well with my knife and spoon?
I am here the last man left in the try,
The only one too silly to be frustrated,
The one man too determined to bow to logic and reasoning.
I'm 12-months gone now, and making progress,
Progress at all is progress at all,
The sight of water is near, am all dirt with mud,
Amongst those who own wells, someday I'll be named,
And the ones who started and fled, someday some others will be named.
Surprised my tools could get me this far ?
Surprised the forces against me paved way eventually?
...Well, anything can be done, it'll only take time,
As nothing enjoys the life "Forever", for everything has a life span,
Troubles, obstacles, Tribulations, Resistance, and all.
If only you'll believe in your 'Table Knife' & 'Spoon'
The well you hope to dig, will someday be dug,
Who said you'll find it easy? ...Not sure they were talking to you.
What you've got is what you put into what have you to get what you want,
Am sorry, if you didn't get that all at first, do take the reading again.
The mention of the work tool scared a handful away,
Not all bold enough to start persevered long enough to get far,
Not all overwhelmed by anxiety, sustained same when the very task began,
Not all enthused about owning a well, lasted long enough in the race to fulfill their dreams.
Were it for boldness many will still be here digging,
Were it by anxiety, I wouldn't be left alone here,
Enthusiasm is sure to fail, for it fades off like smoke.
Its cold down here, my feet are getting soaked,
In a short while, I would be doing all I can to prevent me from getting drowned,
WATER! Its here, feel the freshness, oh what a relief!
Looking up above I see the faces of men battered with thirst,
They say am their solution, their only hope, and now are urging me on,
I understand better now the phrase "Success Has Many Parents"
..."Failure They Say Is An Orphan",
If it ever found a parent, it would at best enjoy a name change to be called a 'Bastard'.
"Everyone else FAILED, only you ENDURED and remained DETERMINED till you SUCCEEDED!!!"
This was the chant that filled my ears, as I made my way out of the hole,
With much ovation was I received, only when I was pulled out did I see how large a people was counting on me,
I was asked by many, one particular question; "WHY DID EVERYONE ELSE FAIL?"
Having closely considered the question, my reply came in few words;
N O N E F A I L E D, O N L Y A L L Q U I T.
As long as today lasts, and there'll be a tomorrow, there'll always be room to REVISIT & CONTINUE.
Its The Wordsmith™
(C) 2014.


  1. Anonymous18:55

    I dont understand. Please break it down

  2. Rose20:29

    Nice piece. First i wondered where it was going. Really inspiring.


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