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I was just the way many from my part of the world was. I grew up to understand that I was different, and from a different race. This I never knew nor thought about, as everyone around me looked like me, spoke like me, even grew their hair like mine. I bothered to ask of who I was and why I didn't look like the others I saw in a journal and later my TV screen, in movies and soon, in person. These people were as bright as the sun itself, their skins glow with such radiance, they didn't look like they existed with I and my kin on this same planet earth. They looked alien to me, the more I starred, the more complex they appeared in my mind.
I needed to know me, I wanted to know why I was like this, I longed to know what people like me were called. Soon, I learnt it was black, and my race os called "The Black Race".
Black, why black? Is it just and issue of the colour of my skin or more? This I sought to know, and the following I learnt and some others, I learnt to unlear…

Before You Judge Them

It is overtly said that "Nothing Just Happens", and all that is today has got a reason or two behind their existence.
In my search to find something here that has no reason or basis to be here, I found out after careful observation, that I could only lay my hand on an entity called 'nothing'.
It is widely accepted that only a seemingly insane person does a thing without a reason. This view we have held for time immemorial now, but the correct arrangement of that sentence would carry in it, the word 'Known'. Put correctly, "Only a seemingly insane person does a thing without a KNOWN reason".
'Known' here in itself again is subjected to further scrutiny, as what isn't known to you may be known to some other fellow, as even the mad man has a reason for his actions, he's just so mad that he can't explain or tell. Come to think of it, how many will wait to listen, if he cared to explain???.
The subject matter today like the caption ri…

"Getting DONE Is Serious Business" II

...This snake wouldn't blink an eye, neither will the skies fail to darken by the minute. God knows, setting out for this journey, I prayed that I had a smooth one.
With every breath within me, I resisted the urge to run. Jumping into the river was no option, I'll rather die here than go down there. The more my confidence grew in the fact that I wasn't going to take a dive into the flowing river, the more I guess the serpent got surer of a well deserved bite.
Every step, put still, crawl it took, in-turn earned a backward movement from me.
Holy Morry! This was beginning to turn into a drama, infact a choreography of a sort. This serpent began to appear to me on the one hand a comic act, and the other, a venomous predator that it actually was.
When it jerked, I jerked, when it moved I moved even two steps backward. At some point it took a run at me…

"Getting DONE Is Serious Business" (Proverbial Tale)

In anticipation I sat still, legs crossed, waiting for the next call.
My gaze was fixed on that horn speaker, as if to say I listened with my eyes and not my ears. For quite some minutes now, I've been hearing my name called.
The door continued to open and shut, but the truth is, no one was there!
This illusion will not kill me, I bet I'll see the last of this.
"Done and co" had a very big premises. It was a big office, better put, a hall, and it had just one door. They are a company specialized in turning dreams into reality, all anyone needed to do was just get themselves in there and their stories changed from thence.....It hasn't been a smooth walk down here, many parked their luxury cars way down the lane, the roads leading here, aren't motorable at all, and the terrain/topography of the land is so horrible and exhausting to say the least.
It was difficult, almost near impossible to get here as well dressed as you left your home, if the thorns and bushes…

"The Order-City of HOPE"

The beauty of hope is in its length. Weird? Please let it not seem as such to you. What makes hope what it is, is the 'Wait' part of it, an optimistic wait actually; "Believe".
An intrinsic characteristic of hope, one which earns it its most distinguishing property is; Hope's like tomorrow, it never dies, and is never relenting.
Another side to its never ending nature is that; hope sings just one song into your heart and ears; "Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow" and when "Tomorrow" comes, it sings another "Tomorrow" into you.
Nothing encourages as much as hope, just as nothing wears a man out as much as hoping. It's all in the way we handle it.
As long as the one hoping remains, hope remains, its only a case of whether they choose to make use of it or ignore it, letting it lie fallow. Whichever way, hope lives!
A popular saying goes; "When there is life, there is hope". Yes, this is very true, but with need for some touches …

"These People Will Kill Us!" (PARABLE)

They've Killed our innovation
They've Killed our quest to know
They've Killed our thinking, providing answers before we get to probe.
They keep the best, origin and making away from us.
All we do is receive and assemble. At best we can be called the finisher, don't get me wrong I mean it when I say "FINISHER".
We finish everything, consumption is all we love and know, even those who feign to produce are sadly doing so under the "lord's" license.
My God! We're so spoon fed, little wonder we're getting better only size-ways.
They seem to make life easy, but actually stealing our independence, and replacing it with dependence.
They've made our own seem inferior before our eyes, satisfaction is no longer contained in anything with a "BLACK ROOT".
Sooner or later, I fear we'll abandon our lives for a life glaring as alien.
We've lost so much already, and now on the verge of losing again our independence.
They give us the apple, we …

"Meanings Make The Man, His Definitions Define Him"

"Its difficult, if not impossible to respond beyond your heart". How do I mean?
"Your conceived, derived and/or imbibed idea of thing, defines your attitude towards it"-TW™
You've always wondered why you act the way you do, react the way you do, or respond to things the way you do. Hey, am not talking temperaments here, the boss (Tim Lahaye) already did, and he "took it to the cleaners'.
Even in deceit, its a hard thing to behave/respond to a thing beyond what you think about it, know about it, and the values you have placed on it.
Catching a golden mug falling directly towards your head for example is a scenario that captures correctly an aspect of my discourse. There exist a couple of options to this, and believe me, every man could respond differently to this situation. One of the responses to expect, which I know you know already is; Catching the mug, preventing it from hitting your head or even the fall. Another response would be; completely dodgi…