If Only You Saw TOMORROW

..."Don't cry over yesterday, its gone, Don't lose sight of tomorrow,it will soon be here". For every today that is, a tomorrow for sure will be. But sadly, many have made tomorrow an impossibility by their combined actions of yesterday and today. I write to you with two inks today, like fighting one enemy with two different sword (the aim remains to overcome). You'll get to understand as we journey deep in this. ...Change they say is the only constant thing, this truth of which some have laid hold of, while some still live as though, all things will remain the same. I looked through the past as I searched history books, I carefully noted the numerous great inventions and ground breaking discoveries that made the headlines of those days. Great discoveries they were, the ultimate they seemed, at that point, man never wished for or saw anything better. I followed the progressions, then I saw that only a few years passed before the "Ultimate" which used to be a pride, was now either improved or discarded and was no longer worth a showing off. Yes, this is the point, this is where it all centres. WHAT YOU SEE AS ULTIMATE TODAY MIGHT NOT MEET THE REQUIREMENTS OF TOMORROW, so why die over it??? With the advent of motor vehicles from the old style of "Horse -drawn -cart" many must have believed and seen it as the best thing that could ever happen to the automobile industry, but here we are, here are the days of the MAYBACH, RANGE ROVER, CADILLAC, LAMBOURGHINI...etc The discovery of telecommunication started with the cable phones, and the man who had killed himself, his friends or neighbours because of it, could not live to see the days of the wireless and mobile phones. The examples are numerous, and the list endless. All his years, man has continued to follow behind change, and all his life, he has continued to chase after vanity, and forever will. His inability to keep tomorrow in sight has cost him and his generations the problems we see and live with in our world today. Here we are, living it on, making the same mistakes as of old. Behold... IF ONLY YOU SAW TOMORROW, you wouldn't have lost it all, over a thing that now isn't relevant anymore. If only you saw tomorrow, you wouldn't have given it all up, knowing that there lied better things ahead. If only you saw tomorrow, you would have dealt kindly with that neighbour of yours, knowing he will be the one you'll meet on your way down the ladder. If only you saw tomorrow, you would have loved God better, knowing that it all starts ends with Him. If only you saw tomorrow, you wouldn't live selfish, knowing that everything comes and goes, and no man remains in custody of a thing forever. If only you saw tomorrow, you would have left a better mark here on earth, knowing that it is appointed for all men to die. If only you saw tomorrow, you would have understood better that life is a game called "CIRCLES" and everything you do(Good or Evil) today turns back and comes around tomorrow. YOUR TOMORROW CAN BE AS CLOSE AS A DAY AFTER TODAY, AND COULD ALSO BE AS FAR AS A THOUSAND YEARS FROM HERE. The things you see today are temporal, but the tomorrow which no man literary sees is what will be. SEEING TOMORROW remains intrinsic to living a Good, Contented, Impacting and Inspiring life. The basics of seeing through the eyes of tomorrow remains buried in the ability to understand these things; 1)EVERYTHING CHANGES, THINGS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. 2)WHAT YOU SEE AS BEST TODAY, WILL SOONNER OR LATER BE IMPROVED UPON, AND MIGHT NO LONGER MEET THE REQUIRMENTS OF TOMORROW. 3) LIFE IS A BALL THAT REVOLVES, AND WHAT GOES ROUND CERTAINLY COMES AROUND. 4) EVERY TOMORROW IS AN OPPURTUNITY TO MAKE YOUR SITUATION BETTER, AND NOT TO CONTINUE IN IT. 5)IF YOU DO NOT DIE EVERY 'TODAY', TOMORROW YOU'LL CONTINUE TO SEE, AND EVERY NEW DAY SEEN IS A PLUS, NEVER A MINUS. ...More to share, many more words to write, but till we meet again in a continuing article; Live life TODAY without losing sight of TOMORROW! The Wordsmith, Akogun Olalekan. (C) 2012.


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