'FALL IS For All'

  A fall is a very shameful occurrence that every man loves to avoid. A fall can be characterized by aftermath like; Injuries, paralysis, bleeding, shame, and Lack of Future Confidence. Every man ls open to a fall, everyone is vulnerable, but it is the post fall assessment of a man that determines if and when he'll have another fall. We make a lot of mistakes, thinking the next and only thing to do after a fall is "Get Up". I tell you, it is possible to fall again immediately after the last pick up/get up, as it is not just the action (falling) that matters, but the Processes that aggravated the action. It has been observed that man had concluded the ill-fated process of falling long before the action materializes and he finally and openly falls. Dwelling on a fall will not be it for us at this point, but a simple sentence is all it takes to pass the message in this discourse. When and If you fall, Be Wise!, DONT LOOK AT WHERE YOU FELL, BUT WHERE YOU SLIPPED. If you do, you'll be in for another fall before you knew it. A fall would not commence and finish all in one singular action, but rather, A Fall is The Final Outcome of A series of (pre)Accumulated Miscalculated Steps or Ideas. Exemplifying this, man had fallen since the moment 'She' entered a discussion with the serpent in the Garden of Eden, the rest of the fall story was merely a physical manifestation of the already fired and unfortunate chain reaction started by the first pleasantries 'they' exchanged. Huhn(sighs), to prevent another or consecutive falls, she must now start the investigative analysis from the moment she slipped(permitted the discussion). Conclusively, wisdom is looking at where you slipped, not where you fell. And everyman is vulnerable to a fall, little wonder my definition "Fall is For All". Where 'F' stands for 'For' And 'all' stands for 'ALL'.  If you're yet to fall some way-somehow in life...(That's unrealistic though) hence I'll ignore. But if you've fallen in time past or just finding your feet after a fall, let it be for you a"FALL ONCE AND LEARN ALL THE LESSON'S affair, so as not to fall again". ᶥᵗˢ the 'WoƦdڪ♍ith'® Twitter: @Olalekanakogun www.olalekanakogun.blogspot.com www.completenigerianforum.com (inspiration) Facebook: Akogun wordsmith Olalekan. 222CE563.


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