Don’t Sustain A Sheep Bite!(Title) ... If I hadn't known anything about the sheep prior to this event, then I would have had no reason to puzzle. If I hadn't seen a sheep physically prior to these words, then I would have no reason to marvel, wonder and ponder about the subject and what on earth would have made a sheep place its teeth upon a skin and bite.In life, we come to a point when we've cared so much, so much that we're exhausted and got no care left again in us. It is at that point that we choose to "Damn it all to hell" and the birth of the unexpected occurs.Man is just like any expansive material, he's got a breaking point, a stretch limit, and a further stretching beyond such point will birth the unexpected from such man.The birth of the unexpected sounds like a good substitute for the subject of discourse today, because when a sheep bites, the unexpected must be said to have occured.The sheep is about the meekest of all animals on the surface of the earth today. It goes about its daily affairs, simply, carefully, without a form of interference with anything or anyone. Now you see, its worth the puzzle to see or hear of a sheep bite.THE MAN WHO COMES BACK HOME TO COMPLAIN ABOUT A SHEEP BITE, MUST BE QUESTIONED, BECAUSE CERTAINLY, HE HAS OVERSTEPPED HIS BOUNDARIES.Not over stepping your boundary with anyone is the morale of today's discourse. Every man, no matter how meek, lowly, or even stupid, has got a day when his cup gets full and overflows. The mere fact that he hasn't exploded, doesn't mean that he's got no capacity to , but could only mean that his time to explode may just be one provocation away.A wise man will always have this at the back of his mind; "EVERY MAN, NO MATTER HOW OLD OR YOUNG, HAS GOT A BAD TEMPER. THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MEN IS HOW LONG IT TAKES TO ACTIVATE SUCH TEMPER"."When a goat is pushed to the wall, it turns back and fights even its owner". Knowing this, it will be expedient for me to say, SUSTAINING A 'SHEEP BITE' IS THE BASIC REWARD, WHEN YOU'VE OVER DONE IT'.So, beware, think before you say the next word, do the next act, think the next thought, because it just might be the last word, act or thought required to trigger the sheep to biting you!I said earlier, and now I reiterate; "THE BOY WHO COMES BACK HOME CRYING ABOUT A SHEEP BITE MUST BE FURTHER BEATEN BECAUSE SURELY, HE MUST HAVE OVER DONE IT OUT THERE".Akogun 'Wordsmith' Olalekan (C) 2012


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