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Pull Out!!!

"1. Arguments going beyond 15mins, especially when they don't improve your economic value, #PullOut
2. 30mins gone, trying to convince someone of a matter, especially when it doesn't affect your continuous existence/living, #PullOut
4. Debating religious doctrines and/or actions of supposed clerics, especially when you know it's your life to live, and your prerogative to face the "Great White Throne" as an individual, #PullOut
5. Years gone living another man's life, trying to please some persons/group, to the detriment of your own joy, #PullOut
6. Forever long in evil, too scared to face the repercussions of quitting. Just know life's time & chance and that death is once, #PullOut
7. Read from 1-6 and still can't comprehend fully/at all, nor are you fired-up to take the bold step? don't you #PullOut, read again!" -TW™ 

Some things are not just worth it, yet it's observed that we spend, not even invest so much of our time in them. I hav…