"I try to think enough, but end up thinking only a lot."
This one mistake, a million and one humans are and continuously guilty of. The ideas and in fact meanings of the words "A lot" and "Enough" ordinarily cannot be interchanged. 
The one speaks quantity, while the other speaks 'volumes';
Quantity and Quality,
Abundance and Adequacy,
Plenty and Sufficiency.
See, that a thing is done many times and over, would not necessarily translate to being done enough,
That it is in abundant supply, would not automatically depict that it's sufficient.
I know your eyebrows are raised by now and you are gearing up to argue out the aforementioned with me, but just before you do, I'll ask you, have you looked up these words really?
Have you a grammatical idea (let's pipe down a little on the psychology of the words for now) of them?
To be ABUNDANT/A LOT means; "To have in great quantity, extent or degree". Oh yes, yes! that seems fine, but hello, it isn't.
Now let's see what ENOUGH has to offer, Enough is; "An adequate quantity, a quantity large enough to achieve purpose" 

 ****Deep sigh***

It's getting clearer I guess!
Guys, in my interaction with people over the years, I've met a handful who readily choose "A lot" above "Enough" Do you blame us? A lot appeals to our hearing. I put a reasonable amount of the blame on society. The society, more than any other factor has thus informed and shaped our thinking. Greed has eaten far beyond the fabrics of our very existence, now it's on, about the third layer of our skins. So close to the bones now, and could someday eat us all up.
I was headed somewhere initially before I digressed. Believe me, the immediate past thought was all a digression, not meant to be completely unravelled in this one post, it is a matter for another day, a day of unhindered elaboration.
Today I choose to speak to our thought sense and thought value, I choose to look more closely at THINKING RIGHT, not particularly "right" as positive, but right as "fulfilling".
"Every matter of life needs a measure of thought to actualize" -TW
What you can't think, you can't see. "The most disastrous thing a man can suffer is to have his capacity/ability to think, withdrawn from him." -TW 
Friend, have you been thinking?
It is often said that (and I believe); "If you think enough, what you have is enough". Just like you, I didn't see the mention of the word "A lot" there either. 
You might have to think a lot to think enough sometimes, but then, when does "A lot" translate into "Enough"?
Okay, okay, okay, take a breather and  let's go it this way;
If enough speaks sufficiency and achievement of a purpose, and a lot only speaks to a very great degree or extent, I am more than ever persuaded that we must love, prefer and pursue a purposeful exercise over one that may be just for the abundance of it (unless of course, a mere abundance of thought is the purpose here).
Putting a peg on this at this juncture, I must affirm here; 

"It is not 'Enough' to weary yourself with 'A lot' of thoughts, this only returns DEPRESSION. Think light, think easy, think clear, think purposefully." -TW

Know this; If you are careful enough to note, your first session of thought more often than not bears in it your required solution.


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