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Google Honours Lucy the Australopithecus

Have you checked your computer today?
Have you used the internet, or launched a search via
Did you notice anything strange?  
Moving apes replaced the "oo" isn't it? 
Wondered what the new Google logo is about? Then let's find out.

The 41st anniversary of the discovery of 'Lucy' has been celebrated with aGoogle Doodle. 'Lucy' is a collection of fossilised bones that once made up the skeleton of a hominid from the Australopithecus afarensis species. She lived in Ethiopia 3.2 million years ago.First discovered in 1973, the discovery was remarkably 'complete' - 40 per cent of her skeleton was found intact, rather than just a handful of incomplete and damaged fossils that usually make up remains of a similar age.‎‎As her named suggests, Lucy came from the Australopithecus genus, and was a member of the Hominini tribe, just like us.
Lucy was one of the later Australopiths, and is believed to have lived inwhat is now Ethiopiaaround 3.…

Who is a Minister of State?

  ‎Finally, ministers have taken their oaths of office in my country Nigeria. Perhaps there were surprises, perhaps there were not, but a few Nigerians got their speculations right.   Today I watched the President call out names of ministers designate, with their offices one after the other from the 1st to the 36th.  Like in previous successive administration, some he called Ministers, some he called Minister of State or State Ministers. A larger chunk of the populace only have an idea as to who a Minister of State is, but not an exact knowledge.   So......................
Who is a Minister of State?
A Minister of State reports to the Cabinet Minister. To be precise, he/she is the junior member who works in close coordination with a Union Minister to help the latter in meeting national goals pertaining to that Ministry. It is incumbent upon a State Minister to deal with issues of the ministry under the aegis of the Union Minister. Who is a Cabinet Minister? A Cabinet minister or Union minis…

Your Bank & Its Instant Airtime Recharge Codes

I wouldn't know why your bank isn't listed here, but what I do know is;  ...As long as your phone number is the same number you get your bank alert sms' on, then you're free to dial the corresponding code to BUY airtime anytime and at your comfort from your bank.   Give it a try, it works, its been working, and for some banks it's been working for close to a year now. ‎(This Works On All Mobile Phones) ‎#Enjoy
‎1.Access bank: *901* amount#  2.Eco bank*326*amount#  3.Fidelity: *770*amount# 4.FCMB: *389*214*amount#  5.First Bank: *894*amount#  6.GTB *737*amount#  7.heritage Bank *322*030*amount# 8.keystone *322*082*amount# 9.Skye Bank *389*076*1*amount#  10.IBTC: *909*amount#  11.Sterling *822*amount# 12.UBA: *389*033*1*amount# 13.Unity Bank: *322*215*amount# 14. Zenith Bank *302*amount# 15. Stanbic IBTC *909*amount#
For banks not listed, please contact customer service nos behind your ATM card for more information.
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