The world's most powerful passport holders are from United Kingdom and the USA, as they can freely visit 147 countries.

Competing with the 1st-world countries could be a tall order for now, but let's see how well the Nigerian passport has fared against those of other African countries.

Amazingly, ‎Africa's most powerful passport holders are from Seychelles.

Check out top 10 most powerful passports in Africa:

1st place: Seychelles – no visa required in 116 countries

According to, people with Seychelles passports have visa-free access to 116 countries. The most powerful passport in Africa also holds 23rd position in world's passport power rank.

2nd place: South Africa – no visa required in 84 countries‎

‎South Africa passport holders can travel to 84 of the world's 196 countries without any visa restrictions. The South African passport holds the 44th place worldwide.

3rd place: Guinea – no visa required in 81 countries

‎Guinea passport holders can enjoy 81 countries without any visa. For example, they can stay up to 90 days in Bangladesh and Ecuador; up to 3 months in Haiti Tunisia and Morocco; but only for 21 day in Dominica, and for 14 days in Hong Kong.

4th place: Sierra Leone – no visa required in 69 countries

‎Sixty nine countries are happy to host tourists from Sierra Leone without visa. The Sierra Leone passport holder can relax up to 4 months in Fiji and up to 3 months in Haiti; while Malaysia is visa-free only for 14 days.

5th place: Kenya – no visa required in 68 countries

‎Kenya shares the fifth place with two other African countries: Botswana and Tonga. A Kenyan passport allows to stay in Haiti, Hong Kong and Bahamas up to 3 months; in Panama up to 180 days; and in Cayman Islands, Barbados, Montserrat and Dominica up to 6 months.

6th place: Gambia – no visa required in 66 countries

‎The sixth place with 66 visa-free countries is shared between Gambia, Niger and Ghana.

7th place: Lesotho – no visa required in 65 countries

‎Lesotho citizens have visa-free access to no fewer than 65 countries. South Korea opens its borders up to 60 days for Lesotho travelers; while Japan, Malawiand Kosovo allow to stay for 90 without any visa.

8th place: Swaziland – no visa required in 62 countries

‎The Swaziland passport holder can go to 62 countries without thinking about foreign embassies and visas. Israel, Haiti, Hong Kong and Kenya allow Swaziland citizens to stay up to 3 months a year without visa; while Belize, a country on the eastern coast of Central America, allows to stay only for 1 month.

9th place: Nigeria – no visa required in 61 countries

‎Nigeria isn't the only African country that has 61 visa-free destinations; Namibia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Mali and Zambia also have visa-free access to 61 countries. A Nigeria passport holder can go to Barbados, Dominica and Montserrat for half a year; to Fiji for 4 months; to Haiti and Saint Kitts and Nevis for 3 months; and to Vanuatu and Niue for 30 days.

10th place: Benin – no visa required in 60 countries

‎The tenth place is as well shared between several countries; Morocco and Malawi also have 60 visa-free destinations. Citizens of Benin are allowed to go to South Africa, Philippines, Malaysia and Niue for 30 days; to Haiti for 3 months; to Dominica for 21 day; and to Hong Kong only for 14 days.

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