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The world's most powerful passport holders are from United Kingdom and the USA, as they can freely visit 147 countries.

Competing with the 1st-world countries could be a tall order for now, but let's see how well the Nigerian passport has fared against those of other African countries.Amazingly, ‎Africa's most powerful passport holders are from Seychelles.Check out top 10 most powerful passports in Africa:1st place: Seychelles – no visa required in 116 countriesAccording to, people with Seychelles passports have visa-free access to 116 countries. The most powerful passport in Africa also holds 23rd position in world's passport power rank.2nd place: South Africa – no visa required in 84 countries‎‎South Africa passport holders can travel to 84 of the world's 196 countries without any visa restrictions. The South African passport holds the 44th place worldwide.3rd place: Guinea – no visa required in 81 countries‎Guinea passport holders can enjoy 81 c…

The Differences Between E, H, H+ and 3G Networks On Your SmartPhone

In the simplest way, the difference between them is speed. E is for EDGE (2.75G), which is an enhanced form of what in old phones used to be called GPRS (2.5 G). It has relatively slow data rates of around 236kbps (1mbps peak speed). But actual usage speeds are often lower. Don't expect to stream a video with E showing on your network bar.What Is 3G Network & WCDMA?3G is the next one. It uses WCDMA signalling. The data rates here are comparable to edge but It offers better quality, better latency, lower delay, so making it more suitable for audio, video and streaming services.Meaning of H, H+ And Their DifferencesH is HSPA which stands for high speed packet access. It's an improvement over 3G and is mix of HSDPA (downlink) and HSUPA (uplink). Major changes were done on the radio side which increased the data rates to up to 3 and 7Mbps (in theory, its more). Many Smartphone users in Nigeria will have noticed that H has replaced 3G on their phonesH+ is Evolved…