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War! War!! War!!!; Return To Your Africa Or We Will Kill You’ South Africans Write Nigerians, Others.

"Everyone Is A Stranger, A Visitor Somewhere. This new found hostility by South Africans, towards other nationals is uncalled-for. To think it's the presence of foreigners in a country that hampers availability of jobs and other socioeconomic gains is a wrong notion, and as for me, is  a clear indication of misinformation and there's a need for re orientation of South Africans. If non-nationals are getting the jobs in your country, then it could be a clear indication your unemployability or share laziness and/or inability to come up with business innovations which these foreigners have done and is inturn appearing threatening to you/your survival in your own country. To have descended to such low i.e Xenophobic actions, going even as far as killing and maiming foreigners is appalling and show a gross level of barbarism.  Your plights could have been tenable to some extents if channeled appropriately, ofcourse we had the "Ghana Must Go" in Nigeria, which in my view…