[HOW TO] "Have A Great Week!"

I trust you have heard the phrase , "Have a great week!" Times innumerable. Though having a great week, or not, rely to a great extent on the wings of fate, of course no one know exactly what lies ahead the next minute. Shall we for this reason live on carelessly and unplanned? An emphatic "NO", I submit should be the answer.
Staying positive, and assuming that you can orchestrate a great week, I'll submit the following as steps or technique you should follow in order to have one.
One good part of these guidelines is that they help you achieve your set goals too.
To achieve/have a 'Great Week', time management must be kept at opium.
Time management and goal setting are tough for most or us, mainly because it takes discipline, accountability, and it's not fun.
Enjoying your week's journey while keeping your eye on what you want most out of life if key in this . A beautiful part of this guidelines is; It's practical, simple, flexible, and fun. Another benefit is that it gives you a sense of satisfaction that comes from feeling like you're working toward your goals and being in control of your time. A third is that it keeps you productive while maintaining flexibility to be creative and enjoy your week. An added benefit is that it keeps you balanced. Lastly, you can easily identify your priorities when they are laid out in front of you.
Most of us manage time by creating structure, slotting in as much as we can, with our agenda chirping every event. look at your week as a whole and decide what elements you need in it to have an amazing week. In other words, you create the intention to have a great week or day, then add things that make it awesome.
Each Sunday, review your goals and projects to see how they fit into the coming week. You can do it anytime as long as you keep up a regular schedule. Write down all your goals, projects and aspects of your life that you need to keep balanced viz-a-viz;

Immediate environment
Creative projects

When considering your week, bear in mind actions steps that will help you reach your goals. By bearing your goals in mind, you can easily see how to balance your week. This way, you can see if your week is going to be in balance. What are your goals for the week? (Its Not Too Late To Have One)

You Will Have A Great Week When You:

1) Achieve action steps toward your goals
2) Feel balanced and in control of your time because you are doing what you want to do, not what just happens to be going down
3) Do things that make you happy
4) Feel productive
5) Make space in your week for you and your priorities, which can mean more creativity and more peace of mind

This management tips in its raw state has worked for many and it still is for as many that would interpret them correctly and incorporate them into their day. It's free, it's flexible and you can tweak it any way to Sunday to make it work for you. If you stick with it, you will discover the blend of things that helps have a great week. So you'll have a great week, won't you?

Don't You Just Go Through The Week Aimless, Have An Agenda!

Insights :Bradley Foster, The Wordsmith™.
Akogun Olalekan™


  1. Ok! Working on it, i'm just bad with time management.

    1. Nice resolve! You'lld be glad you did Korede. Hmmmmmn we all are.

  2. Nice one. I will say our week is 50% in the hands of fate, the other 50 in our hands. Our own efforts will have direct effect on 30% of what fate brings, and an indirect on 15. The bulk lies in our hands afterall

  3. Very well said SJ. The bulk stops at our table.


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