Tragic events leave aftereffects, mostly upon those who survived to witness the aftermath. To fatal victims of such, there's no place for this experience.
The after-effect of a damage can be highly educatiive and need I say, also very agonizing. Aftereffects make many wished they could turn back the hands of time.
It has been found out that things become clearer only after they have been put to action. Like a typical classroom study, the example/illustration comes alive when it is acted or simulated. To teach about the athletic nature of a monkey without physically seeing one will at best remain head knowledge, theories that could be difficult to relate to.
Away from the aftereffects, let's take a back slide to the moments before, "Moments earlier" I tag it. Unlike the aftereffect which is usually characterized by regrets, anguish, pain and lots of reflective thinking, the "Moments earlier" features a chain of DECISION MAKING, a battle between 'To do or Not to do". With every chain of thought concluded comes another thought to decide upon. For instance, first you decide to put on a coat, and the next follows a decision of what colour or shade it must be. Between the period of conception of an idea and a conclusion on such comes a big factor called TIME which could as little as it elements in SECONDS, up to Hours, Days and even Decades.
From Conception to Decision, and from Decision to Action or Implementation, time counts, time matters, and time is of essence.

Time will make or mar a good decision.
A good decision followed by a wrong timing will yield no good, bother I speak about a bad decision? Common its bad already.
Sometimes the law of coincidence and possibility comes to play, making it appear there could be a tweak in fortune of a bad decision implemented at a good time. Well we are not about a gamble here, instead we'll just analyze how timing could affect your actions (good or bad). But please not that you're most likely to get a bad result for a bad decision be it acted in good time or otherwise.

In my studies across life and life issues, I have come to know that the last few minutes before the implementation of our decisions i.e The last few minutes before we act out our thoughts and/or decisions usually contributes big to the eventual outcome or to be or not to be of such actions. Its surprising that a thought sequence that started weeks, months, even years ago can be affected by those dying minutes before action.

During one of my low moments like I sometimes have, I figured a stor, and now I'll take some time to share with you.

It is a story of a suicide bomber called Omar. He belonged to a terrorist group, one linked with the Al-queda network and was scheduled to carry out a bombing at a train station in a matter of days. A plan the group has been scheming for about 6-months. The president of the state was scheduled to commission a metro-line at about that time (6-months from conception of this idea) and as expected, he and his entourage would take a ride in it on commission day amidst onlookers and observers. The stage was set, the clock was ticking down and its barely 24-hrs before Omar detonates the bombs in this suicide mission. But somehow, Omar has now lived to tell his story, as a result of a life-changing 4-hrs out of the 24-original left to carry out the dastardly act.
At exactly 6pm the day before due date, Omar had taken his first and only son to the would-be bombing sight to show him his would be 'departure point' (unknowing to his son). But in a twist of event, an on-coming vehicle along the route they were walking veered off the road facing a vulnerable and unaware 7-year old boy who had earlier detached his hands from his father's and stepped back to pick his fallen wristwatch. On hearing the approaching disturbing sound of a troubled automobile Omar turned back to beckon on his boy only to see how unfortunate he had been to have Qasim in that position at that time.
"Its the end of an era, the only grandchild of a grandmother whose only child, unknowingly to her would be embarking on a suicide mission has now been knocked down and killed by a vehicle ( these were the thoughts that ran through Omar's mind in a split of seconds)"
"I was dead at the sight of this horrible event, and the only thing that brought me back to life was the sound of Qasim's voice crying 'Papa, Papa' after the loud bang. I lifted my head and turned to see from where he was calling only to see my son running towards me. Tears rushed down from my eyes, only then did I realize I still had some trace of emotion in me........"SAVED BY A MINUTE", the story only just begun.
I could not comprehend the miracle before my eyes. Confused and overwhelmed I picked myself up, got Qasim up to a safe place on one of the pavements then I moved towards the crashed car to satisfy my curiosity.
I must confess here that I have seen all sorts of corpses, mangled bodies and all, but the sight I beheld next broke me down completely. I reach for the far side of the vehicle, seeing the front parts have been extremely damaged and the driver mangled in between the steering wheel and his seat. I was yet to resolve the mystery behind my son's escape and this was driving me the more crazy. Getting to the rear side of the vehicle, I still could not find answers until I took a right turn and went in by the side of the crashed car only to see the body of a woman lying on the ground with some part of her body buried under the car. I rushed quickly to pull her out of the debris, this I could not achieved, not because I couldn't, but because tears and sorrow would not let me be after discovering she was pregnant with a child. Before long a crowd came in and the police too to rescue the situation.
Alas, it was now 18hrs before due date. I took my son and went home, this has been thus far the worst day of my entire life. On getting home, I sought for explanations from Qasim, since I still could not fathom how he had escaped that ghastly car crash.
"I don't know exactly how it happened papa, but I heard someone call out to me, "boy, boy", then reached for my arm and flung me backwards out and away from the direction of the crashing vehicle, the next thing I heard was 'Run' followed by a loud bang" -Qasim Narrated
Immediately I was covered in heavy tears and sobbing. Why would someone risk their lives for another to live?
Why would a pregnant woman put her life and that of a generation unborn in the lne for a little child to live?
I thought within myself, "If there is still this much love on the surface of the earth, why must I ruin innocent lives and mine to seek repose in the great beyond for the reward of virgins, however their number?
That singular event re-washed my already washed brain which was filled with evil doctrinal teachings.
I am now on the run,, because I could not return to my clan, since I failed to carry out the suicide mission. I wish I could return to share with them this story, but I believe someone and maybe a member of my group will someday get to read this and know there's still genuine love and sacrifice here on earth. The hands that pulled Qasim to safety had less than a minute to decide, now the life of the president, his entourage and other possible members of the crowd whom I would have blown away in my suicide mission have all now been SAVED BY A MINUTE.

Its The Wordsmith™
(C) 2014.
Akogun Olalekan™


  1. Anonymous15:39

    So touching. Is this for real?

  2. Anonymous08:51

    Thanks for sharing the link again. I pray the boko haram people read this.


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