There's been a lot of talk about destiny, and even much more about its workings.
Some believe it is the dream maker, many believe it is the determinant of all things. As much as it appears we understand this phenomenon, it remains clear we really do not understand completely, its workings.
To properly comprehend this phenomenon(I call it a phenomenon), we need to observe "DESTINY" in its various forms, as a WORD, and as a PHENOMENON.
To define on the surface, destiny is FATE. The fate of a person or thing (although not so appropriate for inanimate objects).
Destiny or fate is a predetermined course of events.[1] It may be conceived as a predetermined future, whether in general or of an individual.
It remains another topic entirely to discuss around the origins of destiny, the origins of a man's fate. Save its superficial(as some see it) definition, some will refuse to accept that it is predestined. Their stand on it, is that MAN WORKS HIS DESTINY, as everyone has been given a blank sheet coming into the world.
Protagonists of this claim, see all that happens to a man as a result of his actions. As for them, man is to be blamed not destiny for all that happens to him, because they simply believe he has and is in custody of the power and will to make things work.
The same are the ones who place SO MUCH emphasis on hard work, it remains an unshakable fact to them that you get a result equaling the extent and measure of your work, they say ; NOTHING IS GIVEN, NOTHING CAN BE TAKEN OUT, its all GABBAGE IN, GABBAGE OUT.
On the other hand we've got the men on the other side of the discourse, DESTINY to them is a PHENOMENON, a CONCEPT. As for them, the initial definition of the word was incomplete. They found a completion by adding to the former a few more lines that states as bellow;
Destiny is a concept, a phenomenon based on the strict belief that there is a fixed, unshakable NATURAL ORDER to the cosmos, and all that exists in and around it.
Yes, add those few lines to your definition and you be marked a 80% by this group, make them the only lines existing in your definition of destiny, and you'll be scored a 100% by same.
Its very unlike me to have taken sides right from the word "go" on this piece, but so strong within me is an understanding that; MAN IS HERE TO LIVE HIS DESTINY.
-Its preachable to "work", but its not all about work.
-Its marketable to sell "hard work" to men, but I stand boldly here to share to you that its also not all about hard work.
I've seen visionary men work their lives out without getting desired results. These are no sluggards, I mean goal driven men. They put in all the hard work, confess all the positives, put together all required machinery to make this work, but failed as fate will have them. Obviously, it takes more than hard work, determination, goal setting, people and connection to breakthrough life. SOMETIMES IT JUST ISN'T HAPPENING AND SADLY WONT HOWEVER THE EFFORTS PUT IN.
Destiny must either be SUBMITTED TO or BROKEN, and it takes more than the afore listed things to break one.
I started out by saying "WHEN WHAT YOU WANT DON'T WANT YOU" and looked like what is going to do with this this time around.
Sigh, in life we've got many wants (not even talking needs here), and these wants are the neutrons of ambition in us. The want you recognize becomes the driving force for your efforts and the direction of it. But hey, sometimes what you want don't want you.
We all have had one time or the other, real undaunting efforts channeled to a particular goal that turned unaccomplishable despite our heights of commitment to such. Not because they were "Unaccomplishable" in the real sense friends, but it boils down to the fact that IT DON'T WANT YOU.
When in the midst of failures, I mean failures after CONVINCING efforts, check, check, and check again, it just might not have a place in your destiny.
Its not a hard and fast rule, that destiny must be swallowed hook line and sinker. Like I stated earlier, DESTINY CAN EITHER BE ACCEPTED OR TWEAKED.
It is not in my character to feed you with names, I mean names of people who obviously(even in the eyes of the majority) have put in all the best into attaining a goal but failed overly. There are examples world over, there are many more around us, we've got them as friends, colleagues and neighbors. To make this even more palpable, we ourselves might be victims at one point or the other.
There isn't much to say here, the word defines itself clearly. "Accepting your fate in any situation could be very tough, especially because it never seems like the end for every fighter, but I tell you, you could fight for centuries and not win, yet not killed too." -TW™ #Deep.
Growing up in thought and stature, I thought the subject of destiny was a closed chapter, it thought it was a "Done & Dusted" affair, all I saw written boldly about it was "CASED CLOSED!"
A deeper look into this subject blessed me with an understanding,one that comes with a knowing that destiny can actually be tweaked. You can't fathom how much joy this discovery brought me.
My brother Jabez tweaked his "seemingly inevitable" destiny. (REMARKABLE!) I Chronicles 4 vs 10 (you could read the whole chapter).
There's a force that holds destiny in place, and a force that can override & overpower destiny. Destiny in its broadest sense remains subject to this force, and only it owns reserved right of alteration to any destiny.
There are permanent tweaks to destiny, and yet there are temporal tweaks, it all depends on your sources, I mean how you got it tweaked. Your destiny will eventually have its way unless it was tweaked permanently by the MIGHTY ONE.
How can I forget to state with you that the FORCE is GOD ALMIGHTY, the one that sits in the heavens and made the earth his footstool, the one that calls the things that are not, as if they were.
He is the same God, father of all, who made all, and without him, nothing was made that was made.
He is the great changer, the master-tweaker of destinies. Yes, it was Him Jabez had a conversation with. It's the same Him, men who got change of fortunes chatted with to overhaul their destinies and transform them for the best.
And when I say they conversed, chatted, or spoke with him, I mean THEY PRAYED TO HIM.
Its high time you reviewed your failures, its high time you stopped blaming anyone for your (now I lost the word) ok, misfortunes. Its time to look DESTINY-wards, its time to evaluate and see how much and if "What YOU WANT WANTS YOU".
There red light to knowing when what you want don't want you, s couple of them I have revealed in between lines here.
"These days I look and see more with a third-eye. I stopped my momentary "getting out of the box to think", I chose to live outside it completely." -TW™
I don't know what that means to you, but I'm sure some persons made some sense out of that.

*Deep Sigh* .....
NB: This piece is open to further discussion, contributions and/or analysis.
The Wordsmith™
(C) 2013.


  1. Tolulope08:29


  2. Rahmat08:38

    Nice one there,so inspiring! Tanx a bunch, the sky is just the beginning by God's grace.

  3. Ademola Adeyemi10:30

    Very true! People lose sight of that fact thinking they could acting on their own fulfil destiny. While we can through our actions help in fulfilling our own destinies people ignore the major player in the subject matter of destiny_God the maker, builder, tweaker and repairer of destiny its high time people understood this fact, stop ploughing the infertile land, stop embracing futility and recognize the one true GOD almighty who can completely overhaul the seemingly dilapidated destiny. Nice write up bro really an eye opener.


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