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Brandishing his irregularly sized set of off-white, semi-brown coloured teeth as he moved his head from side to side in response to sounds emanating from surrounding loud speakers, snapping and tapping his feet without any found cohesion, he obviously seems to be enjoying a music he can't hear.
Its a party, and it is of course at its climax already, with everyone perfectly squared in pairs, each with their dance buddies, save this stout dark man who appeared to be carried away by the sound of the music.
His face could not be seen, his blue-black golf-type face cap had covered perfectly his face, leaving to bare his dark strangled beard. For a while I paused my groove to observe this middle-aged man, probing closely into his body movements. It was the same for every music that was played, be it fast or slow beats. He never changed his steps, his feet hit the ground with the same pace and his fingers snapped with the same intensity to every sound that oozed out of those speakers.


"Strong is the appetite, stronger is the law; we are only truly what we'll do outside the law"
These thoughts have severed my heart severally, as I probed to know, hearing from the lips of people, friends and acquaintances, the things they'll really love to do if certain laws hadn't been in place.
It only true and fair to note that;
"What empowers the man? LAW; What again incapacitates him? The LAW again. Imagine life without some laws, see where am heading" -TW™
I see many a man walk the busy road of life in their physical frames, but with a whole lot tussling for a freedom of expression within them.
Had there been no laws.....? No I don't want to think about it, not just now."The law before the man, The man before the law" a topic still very open for debate till this very minute.
Some believe that with man's arrival came the law, and infact, man himself made the laws to govern himself.
Some others believe the law had been in place long be…