Al-Mustapha Is Freed!

...Another major blow has been dealt to the cry of justice in Nigeria.
Maajor Hamzxat Al-Mustapha, indicted and later convicted with murder as it concerns the murder of Late Kudirat Abiola. On June 4, 1996.
Sentenced to death just only recently by a Lagos Supreme court, he took his case to the appeal court in his quest for 'Justice'. 'Justice' sought, justice secured. Today, the 12th day of July 2013, in Igbosere, he's been discharged and acquainted.
In declaring his verdict, the presiding judge accused the lower court of being "stroked to secure a conviction by all means.".
What is left on the table of discussion is; what does this speak of the Nigerian judicial system as the hope for the common man?
Should Mustapha have been discharged and acquainted despite several testimonies and evidences of his unlawful acts, let alone the fact that he was previously sentenced to death?
I'm confused about this, Nigeria am sure is confused too.
A June 12 1993 matter wowing Nigeria on July 12 2013.
A coincidence right?
Nigeria will never cease to amaze the world.

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  1. Was he found guilty? Those are the criterias. What were the evidence? Was it substantial enough to convict him? Even if we both know he's guilty, if a case cannot be proven in a court of law. He's innocent. Should he have been on trial for the past 12 years in a reasonable society?? Hence, I rest my case.

  2. Aggrieved Citizen17:17

    Of course there were evidencies and people testimonies in court, we read in the news, some watched proceedings. If there were no justifiable evidences, would have been sentenced to death by a Supreme court?
    This is a conspiracy!

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