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MegaNet Madness!

The bellow was a mail carefully escorted with an SMS I got in the early hours of the starting day of a pleasant working week.
Like many hoping to land that dream job, get a change of appointment, I hurriedly moved to my mail box to retrieve the mail, only to meet the most scandalous email I've received in years. You've never seen SCAM so perfectly put in your entire job-hunting life.
See This:

With reference to your application sent to MegaNet Resource Limited, after much analyses of your CV, we are please to inform you that, you have been invited for a brief discussion with the HRM of MegaNet Resource Limited for immediate posting to Unilever Nigeria Plc.
Note that, there will be a reduction of 10% of your salary for the first month which will be in a written agreement between you and MegaNet Resource Limited, after that you will have no business with us.

Meanwhile, you are hereby invited for a brief discussion with the HRM of MegaNet Resource Limited.
This is a requirement to meet you in person and review your credentials.
Please find details of your invite below:

Date: 27th February 2013
Time: 9:30am
Venue: University of Lagos Multi-Purpose Hall (Main Campus) Akoka.

Required Materials: You should come along with 2 passports, original copy of your credentials and the invitation letter for security check point.

Note: You are to pay the sum of N2, 200 Naira for Medical, as external doctor will be at the venue and a file will be opened for you that will comprise your entire document including the medical result that will be taking to the place of your posting.

Find details of the account number below:

Bank Name: Ecobank
A/C Number: 0803043511
A/C Name: Adesanya Kayode

Please, come with the Teller to the venue, we don't accept money at the venue. This is for security reasons due to previous experience.

Yours Faithfully,
Adesanya Kayode
***email closed***
In the first place, where on God's earth does someone get this magnitude of a job for you without ever requesting your CV nor have any previous job contacts with you?
Immediate posting to Uniliver Nig Ltd, to do what?
You want to conduct an employment process in the Multi Purpose Hall of Unilag on a wednesday???
Pay to the HRM's private account, not even the so called MegaNet's? This guys must be seeing themselves as magnets that can attract peoples #2,200 easily.
I thought of delaying this untill wednesday, but on considering the number of prospective victims, I thought again, "A stitch in time saves nine".
The most saddening is the fact that. Kayode and his organisation has no contact address or phone numbers. What do they take us for? For am so sure such mails must have by now been forwarded to thousands of unsuspecting job seekers, in which a reasonable number will by now be making Kayode #2,200 richer per head.
This is madness I tell you!
I challenge Adesanya Kayode of MegaNet to come out openly, declare his/his company's contacts, and prove his credibility, else he risks rounds of rubbishing from me and my other social media activists.
Maybe we're not seeing what am seeing, but I plead with you to see this:
He's just about to label Ecobank with the wrong tag, soil the integrity of Unilag and its Multipurpose hall. And also that of Meganet Nigeria Limited (the certified bearer of the Meganet business name. *locatable on google) (Well I know none of the afore mentioned institutions are aware of his evil acts/plans, hopefully they will before long).
We must bring this nonsense to a halt.
It is high time we stopped keeping quiet on scams, most especially job fraud issues.
This is absolute wickedness, mega-madness I call it.
Adesanya Kayode must be cut short ASAP!
I don't remember making demands on you friend, but permit me to make this one. Spread this information as far as you can, until Kayode Adesanya and his MegaNet crew are blacklisted and brought to book.
Longlive Nigeria,
Longlive the Social media,
Longlive the innocent, hard-fighting spirit of the Nigerian job seeker!
Aluta continua, Victoria ascerta!


  1. The Pope11:15

    Thx a lot for this information bro

  2. princeyemimike12:54

    All man eyes 4 nigeria dey chukkkkeee lol. Red Eyes

  3. Boss! I swear, scam well packaged. Cool you spotted that one. Pls Kayode, Unilever is never a LTd k, its a PLC. Move to the next person till you're caught. Are you a learner?

  4. Anonymous14:24

    I just got the same mail now requesting me to pay in 2,200 4medicals nd 10% of my 1st month salary...lmao

  5. Anonymous13:03

    Guys they are for real,my neigbor got a job through them. It's an arragee job been contracted to Meganet Resource Limited by an insider. My neigbor said at first he thought it was a scam he then decided to give it a shot and then realize its for real.

  6. Olalekan, I was one of those that got a TEXT message from MegaNet Resource Limited to have a chat with their HRM.

    In other to confirm the credibility of the firm, I google it and then found your blog which discourage me not to pay the N2,200 fee that was impose on the invited applicant,I then decided to go on my own to be a spectator,on my greatest surprise they are for REAL, but I wasn't allowed to enter the hall just because I did not pay the medical bill of N2,200.Their reason is base on the fact that Unilever Nig. Plc sent an investigative panel to monitor the exercise and they wouldn't want a situation where they will think they are extorting money from applicant that is why they said no money should be paid at the venue. I waited until the whole exercise got finish and found my friend who was invited along side with me, was among the people that were opportune to get the job. He was posted as they promise and he went there today and found out the contract was given to them through an insider in Unilever. He will begin training on Monday next week.I met wit the manager he promise to contact me if there is any other opening and told me to learn from this experience.Not everything you doubt. Out of 40 invited applicant only 21 attended the chat invitation.Probably, your blog might have discourage many others like me to miss this opportunity. Please,investigate very well before criticizing next time that's how a good writers do, don't just write base on assumption because you don't know who is reading it and what effect it will cause in the life of others.

  7. Anonymous12:39

    Olalekan,you make me to loose an opportunity.

  8. Anonymous15:19

    I equally received the same message today. Kindly advice, I'm in a state of confusion whether to answer or decline. Thks!

  9. Anonymous22:42

    I also have a cousin that got the same message from meganet , should he pay the amount and go for the chat ??? Is meganet for real ? Pls I need proofs and confirmations also ..

  10. Anonymous23:10

    Who was there on the 27th of february ?? Was the person given any job ?? And is meganet resource ltd real !??

  11. Anonymous07:27

    They are for Real,I live at Ikorodu and went to their office at Ikorodu to make an inquire and saw them their.Their office is onpoint.I ask them alot of question like how come they don't have website,they said it suppose to have been ready about a week ago but the IT company they gave the contract to build promise them the end of March it and they assured me I will get the job as long as my certificate are original.

    1. Olawuyi, Oladotun10:19

      What is their address in Ikorodu? Tell us and let people go and investigate them.

  12. Anonymous07:38

    Hey guys,I was one of the invitee who got mess sometime last year Dec. 2012 to have a chat with their HRM. I didn't go but my cousin sister that went confirm they are for real. She is working now through their connection. If you are one of those that are invited,I will advice you to give it a shot.

  13. Anonymous07:47

    I also get the invite,I think I will give it a try because I just went through their blog at and I found something convincin plus the testimonies of others especially Tope who went their and confirm they are real.

    1. Why would a resource company use a blog and not a website? Lets get real. They are fake and thats it.

  14. @Olalekan Alabi the writer of this BLOG,had it been I know you personally,I would have FLOGGED YOU because your write up almost make me to lost an opportunity,and if not my curiosity that make me went to the chat venue,it would have cost me an opportunity.You write as if you know them too well or you went there yourself and found out they are scammers but you didn't,even inquire you didn't make,that's not how good writers write,as a writer you must have facts on ground.You just put us all in a delima last week,and I know a lot of people might might have been discourage reading your blog.

    1. Anonymous17:00

      dude how sure are u bout getting a job with this your message with so may grammatical error? were u playing when your mates were in English class?

  15. Sorry I took my eyes of you, hoping you have learnt your lessons. To all you faceless accomplices who have chosen to write comments as anonymous persons, cowards like you. Where did you all misplace your sense of right reasoning? Or how else do we place your obviously foul idea of conducting a chat in which you claimed to have invited 40 persons in a Multipurpose hall that sits about 5000 people. Don't your organization have an office or a kiosk at least? To express my disappointment at your unprofessional act of writing from the same IP address as another reasons to nail you all as dubious persons. To "Tope Alabi" and Oscar Preye you can't cheat on your conscience. Read through blogs of other brilliant minds your prank won't fool.
    To every sane mind here, MegaNet is a fraud, there exist an organization called Meganet Nigeria ltd which is traceable, has got a contact address, and obviously it isn't the source of any of such recruitment scam like Adesanya Kayode's. A quick word of advice to all job seekers, please don't try to reap where you did not sow (sow your CV), scammers are all over the place.

  16. Very silly a group of people who only launched a blogsite yesterday, and claim to have existed since 2009. What have you been doing? (Scamming innocent people definitely. What do you take people for? All your dubious blogsite can offer is give incoherrent reasons for your #2,200 charge and why it must be paid into your HRM's account. You really must be clamped down upon very quickly. For your information, this has gone farther than you can imagine, you'll be on national TV soon, and the next, jailed. Henceforth, we'll like to interact with Kayode, and not his accomplices. (You have my email address at least, you can pick up my Blackberry PIN too).

  17. They get more stupid by the day, if not how do I place MegaNets 10-Digit phone no placed on their dubious blog site (0809149857) or the inconclusive P.O Box address (67430 Lagos state). Lagos state where, Agege, Mushin, Ikorodu, Meiran or where?
    NB: The meganet blogsite changes/modifies its contect severally, but I've got snapshots of all their online details and will blog them readily.
    It shows how corrupt an organisation Adesanya and his cohorts run. We should by now be free to call them "Theives" "Criminals" "Unscrupulous elements" damaging the reputation of Nigeria.
    We(Myself and other activists on this matter) are yet to hear from Kayode in person, the coward won't come out openly to invite us for a chat.
    If you're too in a rush to get pictoral detail of my claims, please visit;
    3) Or contact me via my email adress or other contacts (find on google+ / view complete profile).
    4) Follow this post for updates.
    I wouldn't want to spare another post on this matter, MegaNet isn't worth this stress, its a piece of scrap that 'll be put in its place very soon.
    Meganet is coming down, Kayode Adesanya and other fraudsters will be fished out in no time, and gradually, Nigeria will be free from job scams atleast.

  18. I can't believe in this time& age , people will still fall for this rubbish scam. I don't even need to go to unilag to check it out or their blog, their grammatical blunders& spelling errors tells me all I need to know about mega net.

  19. And to all those annonymous writers commenting on how wrong olalekan is, or how meganet is right, I'm sure its Adesanya Kayode and his cohorts... My response to them is "try harder", this is the most obvious, laziest dummy scam ever... I can boldly say U are verrrrrry dull.

  20. Anonymous11:56

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  21. Anonymous05:27

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That (il)legal Tender.

"A huge number of humans have their Truth-Reserve/account either fat or static. We rarely withdraw nor spend from it, and will rather run life's transactions with that (il)legal tender, LIES". -TW™
Its not so amazing today how accepted, tolerated, and infact enjoyed (in the actual sense) lies are. Little wonder I chose to coin it as "(il)legal Tender". Illegal tender in every sense of it, yet legal tender judging by the widespread acceptance and employment of it.
Why Account?
Account owing to the fact that we know the truth, identify it, gather it, but yet fail to employ it, resulting to a mere build up (Account/Reserve) in our hearts, while refusing to spend/transact with it.
Note: Truth spent yields even more dividends that truth stored.
Why Lie?
The "cover my/your arse" mentality/syndrome has taken the good-life over from us, I wonder why on God's earth we left our arses open in the first place, and who told us lies truly covers anyone's a…