Scapegoat or Solution?

“For every action, there is a cause”.
Nothing just happens, everything that happened, did because someone or something made them be. There’s always something/ someone to blame it on.
In the sequence of problem resolution, there’s this vital part that determines the speed of conflict resolution.
Problem ------- Blaming --------Solution.
When a problem occurs, the next thing on our minds should be finding a solution, this originally should be the situation. But on the contrary, something crept in, and has now become a culture, a part of us, beclouding our right senses of conflict resolution.
It has become a norm for us to BLAME and trade blames. Most saddening, we spend the most productive energy which ought to be channelled into problem solving into blaming. (Scape-Goat hunting).
There’s a problem in the way we view; Diagnosis, Probing, Identifying a problem, and Blaming. It is a good thing no doubt, to identify at all times, the cause of a problem, so as to prevent a repeat. But it is far better to move on to the next, cogent stage of proffering solution without much delay.
Identifying a problem is not synonymous to trading blames, thinking they mean the same thing is the origin of the problem at hand. It is true that someone must be blamed or take responsibility for a wrong deed, but we must be quick to note here that; blaming isn’t equal to proffering a solution. Infact, it is a distraction that delays, and eats-up time available for the resolution of a problem.
At the start of this piece, I described a linear chart, and if you followed carefully, you would see that the only thing standing in the way of a solution is; Blames/Blaming.
It has been discovered that; we spend equal or more time blaming or pointing accusing fingers than the time taken to cause a problem and implement a solution put together.
Blaming(Tsec) >/= Problem(Tsec) + Solution(Tsec)
What happens when we blame?
*We waste precious time meant for solution finding and implementation.
*We demoralize the one to whom we blame or point accusing fingers
*We forget the deed has been done
*We fail to realize blaming anyone wouldn't remedy the situation
*We glory in the fact that we are not at fault this time around
The actual reason we have problems is for solutions to be proffered and not for someone/something to be blamed as we wrongly do most of the time.
Are you saying we shouldn’t identify the causes of our problems and as such deal with them? (Am sure someone is by now asking).
No, am saying don’t dwell on casting blames when you ought to have moved on to solution finding. Am saying acknowledge the source of the problem and MOVE ON!
There’s no productivity in accusations, there’s no profit in blaming. The only thing that profits all in a problem situation is a solution, as casting blames or seeking whom to blame will only suffer you to waste the little available time to solve such problems.
Avoid blaming or seeking whom or what to blame it on, once you ensure this, you’re sure to bridge the gap between a problem and its resolution.
Visualize the bellow:
Problem -----Blaming -----Solution(1)
Problem -------Solution (2)
Which of these steps appear to alleviate pain faster?
Which of these steps is sure to get you to a solution in less time?
Friends, blaming is a dangerous middle-man, and if we won’t desist from it or take caution, we’ll blame away the time meant for problem resolution.
What would you rather do peradventure you encountered a problem, continue the tradition of trading blames or simply move on to finding a solution?
The culture of blaming and accusation though eaten deep into our being, can still be unlearnt, just as long as we as individuals can clearly identify what we want the most between a solution and that temporal satisfaction that comes with finding someone/something to put the blames upon.
SCAPE GOAT or SOLUTION, what would you rather invest your limited time in?
The Wordsmith.
(C) 2013.


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