I struggled so much to see how 2+2 will be equal to NINE.
I laboured so much, hoping to see the orange seed grow to produce LIME.
I tried hard to work it through, but something always went wrong(maybe right) somewhere along the LINE.
I was quick to conclude, "maybe I was planting at the wrong TIME".
I worked even harder still, but my mango seed still did not produce a PINE.
I ran several experiments, until my farm house became a VINE.
In 20yrs older now, and still trying what I couldn't get done at my PRIME.
I'm now old and stricken with age, any further planting will hurt my SPINE.
I've lived my whole life, running just one test, that for me is not the CRIME.
I've spent away precious hours, minutes and seconds, with my empire now turned into a forest over this matter, and that to me, is still very FINE.
I'll never conclude I've lived a wasted life, just as long as the morale of my story, you get alone the LINE.
As it is with the plant kingdom, so it is with general life, you don't sow yours and then settle down, hoping to reap MINE.
What you sow is exactly the kind you'll reap, infact in multiple folds, once its reached its TIME.
I told you earlier what for me was not the crime, now see the bellow, in it lies all the crime.
Sowing evil and expecting good with so much hope, you're so relaxed you DINE.
My work is done, now I can drink some WINE.
Now that you know a handful of evil or good you sow, will return to you again as THINE.
...What goes around, comes around; Life is a tunnel with a closed end. What you throw, hits the wall and returns to you even with a stronger force.
So be careful, what a man sows is what he reaps; Like the soil keeps and later release the same kind of what was kept in its custody, life only buries our right or wrongs, allowing them decay, ferment, expand, and spring forth with a greater potency, stronger capacity and astonishing size of what it was we gave to it in sowing.
This to me is the "Eleventh Commandment" and it goes by the sentence "GIVE WHAT YOU WANT"
The Wordsmith™
(C) 2013.


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