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Every man came into the world with abilities, but abilities remain in disability until there's someone to help discover, direct/channel or mentor them to work.
Life existed before your life. Thus, looking at it critically, we'll see that no one man began to do anything spontaneously.
Everyone was taught,
Everyone was led,
Everyone was coached.
There exist so many styles of leadership, yet there exist one fascinating approach to leadership, called COACHING.
An approach so effective, you'll be doing your dreams(task) from the moment the class(training) commences.
An approach so realistic, even animals could not ignore.
Consider the life of a mother hen and her chick, and see there's no faster approach to learning than someone doing the things you want done right before your watchful eyes, urging you to do-as-they-do.
The mother hen is practically a coach, forget about what you used to know.
She leads her chicks with a coaching approach, putting the…


Without a care, I declare, now that everything is getting clear.
The same snare that left me everyday with a tear, is now a thing I no longer fear.
With my peers then, I everyday myself compare, there's no more pain as difficult as this to bear.
With a bottle of beer, everyday my worries I share, they were written all over me, they cling like clothes I wear.
I used to cause a stare on every face that passed there, I wished I hid myself, sought various places, but found nowhere.
Nobody was dear, it was like everywhere was bare, all I saw around always caused me a scare.
Something came up, and it put my life in gear, an encounter so rare, causing me today to cheer.
Its something you must hear, get to grab yourself a chair, it so awesomely great, and out of this you must share.
At first it might cause a steer, but eventually, with much speed, achievement, and into a newness your life will veer.
There's a God, and his thoughts for you are good, and no matter what it is you'r…

The Soweto Story

The Other Side of Soweto'It is a bitiful city, iti isi even moore bitiful pass America sef even yankee sef.' He said in some kind of pidgin English language that even the Queen would have disowned and outrightly classified as Afrikaan, :) Actually it was more of Ibo than English in Language. 'Nwanne I dey tell you na, no dey dull yaself money full everywhere'. I had tried without much success to get to talk to my cousin since he came back from South Africa three days back. On this fateful day I decided that I must see him knowing full well that I didnt have all week. So I decided to be there waiting when he woke. Even that did not work as I waited from five AM till twelve in the afternoon, thereby being unable to go to school that day and attend to my students. It was at this point that I decided to try again later in the evening, though there was no assurance that this would work. This is a guy that everyone knows too well that it’s in the evening that he gets to han…

Where Is Our Brother "Do It Right"? -Family Member

These 3-words put in a sentence, is what the world needs.
Clearly now, we can see, what the world breeds.
Lost are the days when things were done with fear and utmost courtesy.
Tired of asking questions, everyone just does it as they see fit.
Tired of due process, everyone now does it, the way it suits them.
...We used to have a brother, his name was "Do it right". He was the first seed of our mother, and in-fact, the only reason she had more.
I couldn't comprehend the kind of being he was, "Do it right" was everywhere, he made his presence felt, and endeared his life to many.
He influenced as many as he was with, he became us, we became him, and everybody was "Do it right".
His life remained a challenge to all, he was more CONCERNED ABOUT THE PROCESS THAN THE PRODUCT.
He will never cut corners.
He was more CONCERNED ABOUT THE PEOPLE THAN THINGS. He never substitute wrongly, one in place of the other, he was such a concerned friend.
He was care…


I struggled so much to see how 2+2 will be equal to NINE.
I laboured so much, hoping to see the orange seed grow to produce LIME.
I tried hard to work it through, but something always went wrong(maybe right) somewhere along the LINE.
I was quick to conclude, "maybe I was planting at the wrong TIME".
I worked even harder still, but my mango seed still did not produce a PINE.
I ran several experiments, until my farm house became a VINE.
In 20yrs older now, and still trying what I couldn't get done at my PRIME.
I'm now old and stricken with age, any further planting will hurt my SPINE.
I've lived my whole life, running just one test, that for me is not the CRIME.
I've spent away precious hours, minutes and seconds, with my empire now turned into a forest over this matter, and that to me, is still very FINE.
I'll never conclude I've lived a wasted life, just as long as the morale of my story, you get alone the LINE.
As it is with the plant kingdom, so it i…

"Diarrhoea of The Finger"

"You discover a free software/application and you in-turn lose to it vital information of yourself, your friends, your family, your likes, dislikes, even most times, you let out where you are at every point in time. I'm sitting, am standing, receiving lectures, am on the plane, off to the UK, on the beach. In-fact giving out befitting photos to match your claim. Lucky you, this part of the world where we live in is only just getting "blessed" with intelligent criminal minds who'll find a man/woman out wherever they are through the use of information gathered carefully from their moments of carelessness. All in the name of status updates and messages, we let out details the public need not know". -Anonymous
Permit me please, if these lines put together sounds like parables to you.
There's an urgent need to put a check to what and what not you let loose to the general public (friends you call them), because this little toys given us as dividends of techno…