Nigerian youths, our future is dying-WAKE UP!!!

Have you read the Punch Newspapers report on the massive corruption of the Jonathan administration?
Have you seen and perused the mindless graft that Goodluck and his goons have perpetuated these past 30months?
Have you come across the actual article, any feature review or subject analysis of how our national ship is bleeding, and sinking away into an avoidable oblivion?
If you said yes- good, if no, then what a bloody hell exactly have you been doing?
What on Jesus planet have you been reading or listening to or Infact watching?
Are you part of that shameless percentage that only watches TV series and follow some talent search idiocy on TV?
Are you a part of that infantile group that only attends weekly parties, endless clubbing and buy aso-ebi as if under some kind of a demonic witch-spell?
Or are you more a part of our goofy and uninformed youths whose only passion is Chelsea and Man United, whose only ambition is to make more money and whose only dreams is to crave a bigger slice of the national cake?
Is anyone really paying attention here?
As youths, are we paying attention to the bastardization of our present and the morbid theft of our future?
Ok, allow me flesh up the report for you abit
Remember President Jonathan and his drama press parley 2week ago?
Remember his claims that he is fighting corruption tooth and nail?
Remember his assertion that political corruption and oil sector corruption are at the fore front of his governmental agenda?
Well the wind has blown and the fowl bum is in the streets
Truth is, president Jonathan must either be a wretched liar, an uninformed leader or a massively schizophrenic president!
Or how else can anyone put in a sane context the massive looting of our resources as witnessed under the Jonathan’s administration?
How can anyone justify, rationalize or explain away a government whose corruption indices trumps that of the legendary ‘Maradona’ IBB?
The Punch Newspapers in their recent research found that a staggering 5trillion naira or $31billion has been stole under the stewardship of President Jonathan
Assuming that Mr. President assumed office in May 2010-which he did; then it would mean that an unbelievable $1billion or more like 150billion naira is stolen every month from the coffers of the Federal government of Nigeria
I don’t want to color this piece by insinuating what these massive amounts of money should have been spent on,
But common, the analysis am seeing everywhere smack of sheer governmental idiocy to allow such mindless stealing go on for so long
Accorinding to El Nassir El-Rufai, former Minister of the FCT, these monies would have:
Covered the 4.8trillion naira national budget for 2012, with leftover of almost 200billion
It surely also would have capably taken care of our national budget for 2013, with only a billion naira deficit
The money could have built 41new refineries, one for ever state, with an additional 5 for densely populated locale like Lagos, Ibadan, Kano and Abuja
The money could have been used to build over 36 well equipped hospital, one for each state, so that even elites like the first lady would not have to travel abroad for ‘periodic rest’ and Nigeria would have save the 450billion naira we spend travelling overseas for treatment
That same money could have completed 60new universities in the mould of the African university of Science and Technology (AUST) Abuja to increase the quality of our education and create a better future for Nigeria and Nigerians
The money also could have constructed 525,500km of roads all around the nation, making Nigerian the country with the best road network in Africa

Now, you will roundly agree with me that it’s crazy all this went on unhindered and somewhat aided for the last 31months
It is also crazier that President Jonathan publicly gives credence to his lame war or campaign against corruption in a way that offend every sane mind
But what I find crazies- what irks me most is the apathy of the Nigerian youth
The crass ignorance and a psychotic sense of disconnect with all that is going on
Each and every day, I see our youth playing balls on unsafe streets, seemingly with little or no cares in the world
Every week, I see them watching premiership and champions league like it was the live transmission of national election debates, or even electoral votes and results updates
Time and time again, I follow them debate trivialities on social networks, argue childishly about tribal topics, religion or gender issues and at the same time glorifying mediocrity
I see many of them troop to churches and mosques in some synoptic maze like some shepherd-less herd
They pray like zombie zealots, steal like unrepentant idiots and seem to have fallen in love with the national rot like wretched maggots
Yet they won’t get involved in the running of their nation
Still they wouldn’t be concerned, or worry a little about how their geriatric kleptocrats are stealing a future which they wouldn’t be part of in the first place
They wouldn’t care anymore about governance, about corruption or about holding their leaders accountable in any way
They would hopelessly look to gods for miracles, sacrifice even their blood relations for ritual, fast like desert shepherds and look to the hill for answers, when the most of solutions they seek lies between their ears
Well people, ‘the die is cast’!
If we do not rise up to this government and their treachery, there soon will be no future to look forward to!
If we do not call Jonathan to order and demand accountability and fiscal responsibility, this nation-Nigeria as we now know it might just be a history for our children
If our youths do not rise up like those of the middle east that started the Arab spring,
If the old, the young and the middle age do not rise up and demand the implementation of the countless reports that have indicted many-many crooks wrongly tagged as leaders,
If we all with unbridled exuberance and properly channeled enthusiasm do not demand a stop to the reckless borrowing of the Jonathan Administration and ask what this ‘Bowler-hatted’ president is doing to recover the 5trillion naira bled away as looted fund,
Then! just then…
Then it might just be good to stop praying now and await Armageddon
It might just be right to stop playing church and wasting everybody’s time, as the peace and prosperity we all pray for in church will only find expression in an existing and healthy country
It might just be spot-on for our Imams to stop calling their weekly Jumat, annual Ramadan or even the holy pilgrimage, for if Nigeria fades away-as it surely is becoming, then prayers, pilgrimage or fasting would not salvage what is left
So this call is to the Nigerian youths
My call is for all and every youth to rise and simply ask Jonathan WHERE, WHAT and WHY
WHERE are all the looted funds?
WHAT is happening to recover them back?
And WHY has the government kept mum over this cataclysmic lunacy?
If oga Jonathan doesn’t or wouldn’t answer these simple questions, then it is our right, even responsibilities to demand of him difficult but necessary answers
It is our right to use every fair means to cuddle, cajole or even coerce Mr. President to give answers that would calm our fears and ease our anxieties
It is our burden to bear as tomorrow’s leaders to ensure that Nigerian as a nation does not end with this generation
We must secure our future by taking care of today’s furor
Let’s wake up today and say nope to these mindlessness
And yes to governmental accountability and fiscal responsibility
My case is rested

Lanre Basamta
Twitter: @basamta


  1. Anonymous17:26

    Truth be told, so many points vividly raised in your article, but with no particular solutions profered. You said wwe should cuddle, or coerce GEJ. HOW?? The social media happens to be tthe only available option for us and they aren't even following our comments. What do we do now?

  2. @Anonymous, thanks for d comment-even without your name stated!
    Cuddle and coerce was just a metaphor for gentle dialogue and possibly forceful questioning and demands to be made on the president!
    As to what we can do? I tell u, a lot!
    Social media campaigns and protests are for the youths-to re-awaken our consciousness. It won't make a difference with our leaders as they are either illetrates or too unskilled to grasps the intricacies of the internet and technology!
    So what do we do?
    Open advocacy, media representations, street storms, voter awareness, increased minority involvement etc
    But critically on this issue of 31billion dollars, the proper channel would be petition to EFCC, ICPC and other such agency in charge of investigations and prosecution
    Another is writing to our representatives and engaging them on the implementation of ther countless committe report on institutionalised corruption, particularly in power and energy
    The 3rd is to gatecrash or e-crash the President's next media parley and force him to answer these questions and many more
    Above all, the best solution is to ensure-through our votes that Jonathan and his gangs,and his notorious Party never make govt house in Nigeria ever again


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