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The Year 2012: what a year…

Like a flickering lamp this year fades away.
Like an ebbing flame it flickers into the debris of memories, where it can only be recalled for remembrance but never to be experienced again
Like some classic movie being screened at the cinemas, year 2012 has climaxed, as only the production credits rolls off the screen for whoever is interested in its cast and crew
As the year’s ebbs away, with little less than 24hours before it finally rolls over, I am compelled to look back
I am forced to think back and review a year which was incomparable for its shock on our national psyche as well as its turbulence within our shores
Unlike most years, 2012 stated as a tragedy in our nation
On January 1st 2012, President Jonathan somehow decided to remove subsidy on Petrol-even while the 2012 budget was being debated and not yet passed
And while most Nigerians travelled all around the country to celebrate the yuletide with families and friends,
They were shocked at the irrational pol…

Life; Like Santa's Bag.

Life; like Santa's bag, so full of surprises
You never can tell which draws bring you the prizes
Off course for sure you know they all come with their prices
From dawn to dusk and back to where the sun rises
We labour and work striving to pay our taxes
In transit from here to there, many a times without taxis
So sad, life comes hard on us sometimes with such axes
Today I'm forced to write, looking at how life & time passes
Not talking about the earth in physical, don't go looking its axis
More of what the talk is today is life, its us and all its lapses
Its true i can't dispute it that life has got its classes
So sad i feel the pain of those down bellow the classes
Such is life, some celebrate, clinging for toast their glasses
While some have got nothing to show for life than clear white plastics
A rich man's world decorated with cars of the best chassis
Little can you expect down bellow from those they call the masses
Without escape from the to…

The Ajaokuta Steel Project: Arise O’ Compatriots!

Fellow Nigerians, give no more sleep to your eyes, what really do you have to sleep on?
Able countrymen, allow your lips smile no longer, for our strength and joy is being robbed of us
From time immemorial, things have been bad in this nation
From when I could recite the national anthem, to this moment of typing this excruciating missive, Nigeria had never seem to work well: it almost always appears like a cardiac patient being treated like a panel beater
But alas!
Alas my gentle fears have suddenly skyrocketed.
My subtle worries has metastasized into a monstrous monster that’s threatens every hope, dreams and aspirations of mine
On Saturday, I was offered the chance to visit the decrypt site popularly known as the Ajaokuta Steel Company
It was supposed to be a wonderful day out where I was to behold amazing architecture, beautiful landscape and an unrivalled view atop the river Niger
But what I saw was the stuff of nightmares
What I witnessed was a nation gone bankrupt; …

Who Is "You"?

Individuals behave, not in accordance with reality, but in accordance with their perception of reality. How the individual feels about himself or herself is everything, for What you "see" is what you get, and Who you "feel" is who you are.
Self-image is the fundamental key to understanding of human behaviour, for all that he or she ever does or aspires to do will be predicated on it. If you change the self-image, you change the personality entirely, which includes his/her behaviour.
Right from our childhood, each of us have woven an intricate web of self-images which I must say at this point are about 90% responsible for our triumphs and humiliation, thoughts and experiences, losses and wins.
I really don't know if you ever encountered one of the worlds best conducted experiment on this subject matter? Incase you haven't , I'm bringing it before you today.
This was an experiment conducted by a young primary school teacher upon her pupils. With approval…

Leadership Bankruptcy -Mortals Trying To 'Use God'

I hate the way we use God in this country!
I hate the way our parents, school authorities, constitution and even elected leaders used the name and person of God to perpetuate their incompetence or excuse their laxities
I hate the way we run to him for every meaningless riddles-including going to the restroom
I hate the manner in which our leaders romance God and his servants during election time and promptly desert him soon after swearing “…to SERVE and to PROTECT”
But most excruciatingly, I deeply and passionately hate the way President Jonathon has been playing the ‘God-Card’ since he assumed office in February 2010
I hate the way and manner the name and person of God has been used to excuse the moral and leadership bankruptcy of his administration the past 31 months
Ok, what do you make of this disgusting statement by a presidential mouthpiece
“President Jonathan on Sunday urged Nigerians not to lose faith in Nigeria, as the government was doing its BEST to address the num…

Nigerian youths, our future is dying-WAKE UP!!!

Have you read the Punch Newspapers report on the massive corruption of the Jonathan administration?
Have you seen and perused the mindless graft that Goodluck and his goons have perpetuated these past 30months?
Have you come across the actual article, any feature review or subject analysis of how our national ship is bleeding, and sinking away into an avoidable oblivion?
If you said yes- good, if no, then what a bloody hell exactly have you been doing?
What on Jesus planet have you been reading or listening to or Infact watching?
Are you part of that shameless percentage that only watches TV series and follow some talent search idiocy on TV?
Are you a part of that infantile group that only attends weekly parties, endless clubbing and buy aso-ebi as if under some kind of a demonic witch-spell?
Or are you more a part of our goofy and uninformed youths whose only passion is Chelsea and Man United, whose only ambition is to make more money and wh…

"Even If"

The journey of life isn't and can never be smooth all the time. Ever since the fall of Adam, man embarked on a journey of the smooth, the rough and the ugly.
Time and chance happens to them all, so said The Preacher, leaving me with the understanding that even in the midst of the rough, some will find grace to walk smooth.
There's this preparedness in the heart of 'the wise', that makes him know things may not go exactly as he's got it in plan. But a winning spirit that lies deep within him quickens him to know and believe that no matter how off-plan events may go, it'll all come to converge in the end at a point called "Good".
Something deep from deep inside of him cries out in the face of challenge, a simple phrase, a believing one, that winning phrase, its called "EVEN IF".
Even if the road now is rough, I'll eventually drive through and find my way home.
That's the spirit, the one of positivity, the one that helps you see thr…