Nigeria, You, & Me.

There are only 2 answers to every question of Life,besides them, others are mere MODIFICATIONS and never perfect answers. No situation in the life of a man ever leaves him sitting on the FeNcE, because EveRy mAN is either "HERE" or "THERE",and there's nothing like a HERETHERE. We somewhat answer a YES or a NO to every given situation either through verbal or non-verbal communication. Beware! The Yes you say today,may make you a NO tommorrow,and the No you say today can make you a YES in the future. REMEMBER THE SUBTLE YES EVE DISPLAYED IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN? IT BROUGHT US TO THE POINT WE ARE TODAY. Like that folk song we used to sing way back in elementary days; "Wherever you go, wherever you be... Do not say a YES when & where you mean to say a NO". Life is an aggregate of choices, and every man is made or mar by the aggregate of his YES' and NOs. The ability of a man to make PROPER use of these two words in LIFE,is what i call TRUE INDEPENDENCE. Its so clear a picture who's independent and who's not. Its true we make our choices, but its even more true, real and most important to note that OUR CHOICES MAKE US. The situation of our country today calls for a generall review of our lives. Because ofcourse, the people make the Nation. Vividly, the country Nigeria is still at its elementary stages of attaining nationhood, as her answers tonational questions have been questionable. Like I stated in one of my articles, "We have thus far been advising the government, but its all to no avail. But a time comes when we will advise the people, then it may be too late to salvage whatever goes down at that point." Before the masses save Nigeria the way they know best, I raise my cry above my roof and say; "Oh GOD! save NIGERIA,and save her right early, SHE CERTAINLY HAS SAID YES TO MANY NO SITUATIONS, AND NO TO MANY YES ISSUES". -The Wordsmith.


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