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Giving Unto Cesar… (Churches/Mosques to start paying Taxes)

Over the weekend, exactly one month before Christmas
The central bank and the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) announced a new accounting requirement for Churches, Mosques and other registered charities
The idea as explained is to compel the religious organizations and charities to be responsible, and report their financial activities over the financial year
Even more importantly, the plan is to ensure that commercial ventures by these organizations are properly taxed and deducted from their coffers
Unfortunately and as expected, the vampires are out trying to protect their blood bank
The propaganda machines are already in full swing demanding why the government is asking God to render accounts to men
And why the central bank and FRC is trying to pry into God’s book, particularly during these times
The churches in particularly feel most offended.
They have been used to centuries of non regulation, decades of unfretted influence and endless ye…

Beware of DOGs!

They Talk in your presence, and Mock when you leave.
They Act when your there, and Snap when your not.
They Praise while you're watching, and Erase it when you're gone.
They'll Cheer when you're present and Tear you down as soon as you turn.
They Build while you're there, and Rue when you're not.
They Play in front of you, and Display once you're off.
They Spur when you're with them, and Gore when you depart.
They Cry while you're watching, but Smile when you're gone.
They're All You Want while you're with them, but What You'll Run From when you're not.
Their actors, deceivers, chameleons, shady, Unreal, Dangerous and Wicked. And opposite of these only while you're there and watching.
They're EVER ON GUARD, you hardly catch them napping.
They switch modes like a snap, you happen to be their ON/OFF button.
They're best understood from afar, they're not like books you study close to you.
I wish you could watch from…

The END, The Matter.

I've got a feeling you'll call odd!
Sometimes I ask myself "what are we still doing here?"
And when will end meet this world? 'Cos its been rolling and keeps on, like its never going to stop.
It should have ended with the flood!
I said to myself, as I read through The Book.
It didn't end with the flood, centuries have come and gone, to be precise we're living in the 21st and there's still no clear end.
Maybe we'll end it with a 'sword'!
But I tell you, we're not the first, for some have thought this way before.
Infact, if the world will war, then its going to be the third.
The mass of us are getting really bored!
I do not blame if we do, ofcourse there's nothing new under the sun.
And all we see now are replicas of things witnessed here before.
I want to see this ball get stopped!
There's a lot hanging out there, and without this stop, they'll never come.
By now you're feeling I've been blurred!
Thinking an end fo…

Something is wrong in the Villa… (Jonathan/Abati Drama)

********************** Something is wrong in the villa… It could be the late rains this year, or the oven-hot heat that’s enveloped the atmosphere But there is something wrong in that rock! There surely is something undeniably wrong in that cave-like mansion that houses President Goodluck and beautiful Patience There is something going on so inappropriately for the president to make such un-presidential gaffes at his media chat Sunday Something else must be going on enough to make our president go on a fly Something disturbingly awkward was wrong enough for President Jonathan to leave his mouth piece-Ruben Abati on the pole to dry ********************* Ok, go on this journey with me Mr. Ruben Abati was employed-highly recommended by his notorious reputation With years of cerebral doggedness and cantankerous campaign against the many useless Nigerian governments over the past 20years, it was assume that Abati could deliver With words as sharp as spears and mien as right as rain, Abati…

The Other Side of "NO"

No: (Definition); Indicating that the answer to a question is negative, the statement etc made or course of action or conclusion arrived at is not correct or satisfactory, the request or command will not be complied with, or the negative statement made is correct. (Ref; Oxford Dictionary.) The sound and appearance of the word "NO" no doubts at first glance depicts denial or refusal. It is a known fact to many that the word "NO" (in answer) is often a negation of what is desired or expected. The norm in fact, is that after a "NO" comes a frown, a sigh, a look of dejection and in deeply heartbreaking cases, a tear drop. Over the years, the inability of handling the word "NO" has chattered a lot of dreams, and sent many to their early graves, leaving some turned into orphans, widows and widowers at quite an early age. In life, the "NO" situations are inevitable. But the man who has prepared himself for them is the man who is set to ove…

Jesus Cleared The Temple, but THE TRADERS ARE BACK!!!

"If Nigeria and the world at large ever crumbles, I'll hold the Religious leaders responsible". Already, my heart is crumbled and daily I lose faith in these leaders who have chosen to lead without looking back. I really don't want you mixing things up here, "Leading without looking back" does not in this case mean they've got a relentless effort or zeal to lead us well. It so sad that it means that ; they have chosen to lead without looking back to see, feel or identify with the sufferings of those following behind them, just as long as they are "making it BIG". The church while I was growing used to be the citadel of morals and values, with clerics being epitomes of discipline, love, passion and care for their followers. But sadly, here are the days where the desire for material things have clouded the eyes of our leaders., and many are out only to exploit their fold. I do not want to castigate anyone, nor accuse directly, but these hap…

My Blackberry Story

These handheld device names remained mere names until they began to fit passionately into my story. Would love to tell you to watch what names you're choosing, but I'll rather save you that headache. Its my blackberry story, and I'll give it to you wholly. ...At the start of things, every single thing had a CURVE, nothing ever went straight, and it was looking altogether like nothing was going to work. I was so intimidated by my big problems, I concluded I needed to get BOLD to stand any chance of moving on. To sail through the darkness, I decided to get myself a TORCH; "something I needed to keep my head up". For all I cared and did, no difference was made at all. I remained the topic whenever it was time to discuss. It hurt to hear their talks, but I took it all, knowing and believing there was more to me than what it was they could see. ...They couldn't envisage my change, they casted aspersions at me like a JAVELIN. Meanwhile, through the times all th…

The Power of GIVING

MOST people prefer to receive than to give due to the inherent nature of man to be selfish, often thinking of his own needs before those of others. But there is a lot to be gained and stand to benefit in giving instead of receiving.    And giving should not be restricted to money or material items for that's what most of us think of when it comes to giving. Giving includes the giving of time, kindness, ideas, advice, attention, skills, hope, love, touch, and much more. Besides the impact that giving makes in the lives of others, it can benefit the giver also, with benefits ranging from the practical, such as improved health and professional connections, to the intangible, like hope and a sense of connection with others.   Your simple act of giving can improve the lives of others as well as your health and sense of wellbeing, your relationships, your company's bottom line, your happiness and many more. It can give a sense of purpose and fulfilment that you don't get from …

Bubble Gum

...With 32-bones pouNdinG, flipping me from side to side grIndiNg, bloating me with air to burst me, wicked life; they called it eXcitIng. By my shame, their own pleasure they're dEriVing, and what I go through,fire or hell, no one is miNdinG. With every crush I get a squeeze, some pound me fast and give no damn of whether or not am dYing. And when they're done, they let me go. For me, its all about peRsEveRinG. ...They got what they wanted, I lost what I got, but now, ...I've got what I wanted. See me now, I'm nO leSS a BubBlE gUm,I've only gone from being SWEET to become INTERESTING!!! N:B; The way you see and handle life is exactly what it'll be! The real fun begins at the point where the "bubble gum" transforms from being sweet(mere sugar) to becoming Interesting(absolute fun coupled with originality and reality). Life is game of perseverance, if you'll hold on, push on a little more, you find gratification for your every struggles. You ca…

Overcoming Your Hatred for MONDAYS

Do you worry about the start of a new week? Have your worries now developed into a hatred for mondays? Do you ever go to bed on Sunday night unable to sleep?  Are the stresses of the week ahead keeping you awake?  If you’re like most people, the thought of starting the week can cause for some degree of anxiety.  Many of us actually wish that everyday of the week would be a weekend. It is inevitable to have a start of a new week. And mind you, the note with which you kick start your week goes a long way to dictate what events will take place all through, and your responses to them. To be frank, we all get worried about the start of the week for various reasons best known to us, but there are some universal reasons for these worries. However, there are some simple steps you can take to ease the worry and get your week off to a positive, productive start. 1. Make your list:  Most of us have a running to-do list of both long and short term tasks.  Before you start your week, highlight…

Nigeria, You, & Me.

There are only 2 answers to every question of Life,besides them, others are mere MODIFICATIONS and never perfect answers. No situation in the life of a man ever leaves him sitting on the FeNcE, because EveRy mAN is either "HERE" or "THERE",and there's nothing like a HERETHERE. We somewhat answer a YES or a NO to every given situation either through verbal or non-verbal communication. Beware! The Yes you say today,may make you a NO tommorrow,and the No you say today can make you a YES in the future. REMEMBER THE SUBTLE YES EVE DISPLAYED IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN? IT BROUGHT US TO THE POINT WE ARE TODAY. Like that folk song we used to sing way back in elementary days; "Wherever you go, wherever you be... Do not say a YES when & where you mean to say a NO". Life is an aggregate of choices, and every man is made or mar by the aggregate of his YES' and NOs. The ability of a man to make PROPER use of these two words in LIFE,is what i call TRUE INDEPEND…