The Heart of Man

Look him straight in the eyes and he'll give you a smile, but refuse to be carried away, it just might not be reflecting what's inside. He might sing, he might smile and still be dying right inside. The heart of man is complex, lots of work you need to do to comprehend its goings-on inside. The earlier you choose to live by these facts, the better placed you are to getting there in time. The way to know a happy man is not through his smile, the key to recognising one remains through his unguarded/ spontaneous words and deeds. Though the thoughts and intents of man dies with the seizure of the beating heart, but from thence we'll prove a point, that the subject "The Heart of Man" we talking about here goes beyond the physical cardiac structure responsible for the pumping of blood. The splitting open of the physical heart of man can never reveal the intents, plans and plots of him. So criminal, so deceptive, the mastermind of all surface actions. So confusing, so evasive, a criminal caught and imprisoned only withing the body and no where else. So courageous, so bold, it carries a loaded rifle even in the presence of the law. So stubborn, so obstinate, it keeps talking, scheming, and planning even while under supervision and confinement. So corrupt, so imposing, it tells you only what it chooses to, making you believe what you want to. So cunning, so clinical, capable of acting out the exact opposite of what it bears inside. The heart of man is deep, deep enough to sink another. The heart of man is wicked, wicked enough to seize another. The heart of man is wide, wide enough to lose another. The mind of man is criminal, criminal enough to steal another. One vital lesson to be learnt here and now is; Don't Ever Get Carried Away By What Countenance Offers. Search deep, search with words, look deep, with your eyes closed and you'll live carefully, discerning what man carries inside. Don't be like doubting Thomas, saying words like; "it can think it, just as long as it wouldn't do, I really don't think the heart of man should be taking serious". Watch it, you just might be the next victim. Quickly, let me let you in on a truth, WHAT THE HEART OF MAN CAN THINK, IT CAN DO. And EVERYTHING DONE BY A MAN (Good or Bad) WAS THOUGHT ABOUT ONE TIME OR THE OTHER. And, THE LARGER CHUNK OF WHAT MAN THINKS IS EVIL. But the good news is here; YOU'VE GOT CONTROL OVER YOUR HEART/MIND. See no evil, Hear no evil, Think no evil, Speak no evil and Do no evil. Be Aware, Be Alert, and Trust Not one soul. And you'll be on the right tract to the place called SAFE. THE HEART OF MAN IS WICKED, WHO CAN KNOW IT? Akogun Olalekan (c) 2012.


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