Articles Of War!

The art of war is one which entails much dexterity and skill, strategies and counter strategies. Skills, preparation and confidence are keys to success in any battle. Confidence and dexterity on the part of the leader of the fold, and devotion, loyalty and hunger for victory remains vital to the other men of war.And permit me to inform you again that you are in for a war! “As for me, I’ll rather lead a herd of sheep with a lion, than let a sheep lead a pride of lions” so says a man of understanding. Expertise at war involves every form of preparation (i.e. pre, post and during). The articles of war remain vital in the art of war. Consider this with me; what would you say of a man dressed in a blazer suit, though beautiful, carrying with both hands sacs filled with substances unidentified, and marching to the front of battle with earphones plugged into his ears and his head swaying from side to side in response to the sound produced from his mini sound system? A goat heading to slaughter on his own volition I’ll call him, the silly object of sacrifice and a waste of life, all because he out rightly is not fit for battle and not equipped for war. Prepare for war! (Full article hiting the web soon)


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