L o n e l y Me

Standing here and on my own, right about now there’s no too much for me to show I got friends when I was down below, but am up here right now and am so alone Like a pyramid events seems right now, the fatter it is below, and the thinner it gets above The fact is, not many get up there, but I have found myself there and now I’m living like “upstairs”. Its true you see so clear views, everyone’s around you, but then the pain is here; there’s hardly one next to you. Now you must live like in oblivion, please take it that way, because for now its your new religion. Its lonely up here I declare! Little wonder you see me sigh and every time I talk to the birds. Life has changed, am not finding it game, and this fame, beyond my thought is making all things lame. But looking well, who am I to blame, the people down the lane or myself up the plain? Life was fun sitting where all was loud, now am like oh my God! How much I miss the crowd. Without feign I’ll take my pain with less complain, knowing that someday I’ll reap the gains and be bold again to scream aloud GAME! Such is life, the life of a leader, atimes you’re left to think that everyone has left you to wither. Very little feel you pains, nobody hears you cry Everybody is quick to blame, very little listen to you explain Up there you can make no good friend nor find true help. Hahahaaa(giggles)… On the contrary, everyone is there waiting on you to be the one to help An investment is all they see you as, an excuse is the least you’ve got You’ve got no choice, you just have to deliver You’ve got to be their source, and the day you choose to block, that very day you’ll see them unplug and the next , they choose to mock. Being up, to be fair has got its own gains, but the herald, the wealth and fame is no where near one-third of its pain. Of all its pains, there’s one I choose to exhale, but with words I still cannot explain how lonliness remains the chief of all pains. At the start of this I gave it up as ONLY ME, now I’m gone deep in the play, I can see now, its more like LONELY ME!!!


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