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1. 2.. 3... If you've got a mind of your own, You wouldn't need to worry about distractions in your zone. People can be funny and you know, The moment you get to listen, you'll be troubled and you'll blow. Its very amazing when it shows, Some people hit your back and its clear that they know. "Men can be wicked" there you go, Its clear you give a damn, you'll be sorry you did so. I do not want to listen, I dey go, You can tell it to the birds or whatever, na you know. Now you've got the feeling, you'll soon grow, The disappointment you've planted in their hearts will soon show. 1. 2.. 3... If you've got a mind of your own, You won't be tossed around like a balloon that is blown. Your decisions will be gold, And the more it goes through fire, the brighter it will glow. There's this statement that may hold, With a mind of your own, you may ignore whatever you're told. Very true, but don't be cold, Consider things, weigh them…

Hurricane Isaac Hits America

NEW ORLEANS— Hurricane Isaac began a slow, drenching slog inland from the Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday, pushing water over a rural Louisiana levee and stranding some people in homes and cars as the storm spun into a newly fortified New Orleans exactly seven years after Katrina. Although Isaac was much weaker than the 2005 hurricane that crippled the city, the threat of dangerous storm surges and flooding from heavy rain was expected to last all day and into the night as the immense comma-shaped storm crawled across Louisiana. Army Corps spokeswoman Rachel Rodi said the city's bigger, stronger levees were withstanding the assault. "The system is performing as intended, as we expected," she said. "We don't see any issues with the hurricane system at this point." There were initial problems with pumps not working at the 17th Street Canal, the site of a breach on the day Katrina struck, but those pumps had been fixed, Rodi said. Rescuers in boats and trucks…

CRAZY: 3-Women Grip Man's Manhood Till He Slumped

An Upper Sharia Court in has released on bail, three women accused of gripping the manhood of one Abdurrahman Suleiman until he slumped. The accused were first arraigned on Aug. 13 but the case was adjourned by the judge, Malam Sani Magami, to allow the prosecution to present its witnesses. The women, Hannatu Ibrahim, Rukayya Hassan and Wasila Hassan, all of GRA, Gusau, were said to have attacked Suleiman following a disagreement between them over the use of a mobile phone. At Monday’s hearing, the prosecution presented a witness, Muawuyya Salisu, 22, who told the court that the ladies had attacked the victim, a member of the First Aid Group deployed to maintain peace and order at a Ramadan preaching event, pulled his manhood until he fainted and was rescued by his colleagues. The witness further told the court that the accused had held their hands over Suleiman’s mouth to prevent him from he could shouting for help. The prosecuting police officer, Hamisu Ibrahim, said the women …


When I had a problem with my eyes, I used some eye drops. When I had some problems with my ears, I used some ear drops. I've been roaming pharmacy stores for a while now, still I'm yet to see anyone of them show me any mind drops. A problem with the mind is not one to be handled by pharmaceutical experts. A problem with the mind is not one to seek stores in search of a cure. A problem with the mind is one that can only be tackled with the correct application of a MIND MEDICINE. “Mind Medicine”, I perceive you echoing. “What's this young man talking about”? I sense you asking right now. “Thought he said Pharmaceutics couldn't handle it”? I suspect you're puzzling at the moment. …Mind Medicine I still emphasise as the only cure to problems with the mind. Everyone one has got their own unique mind medicine, as what heals your mind may not heal mine, and could infact infect it. A time comes in the life of a man when his mind will refuse to be helped, and it all loo…

Who Becomes Aare Ona Kakanfo Of Yorubaland?

Several years after the demise of late M.K.O Abiola, the last Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, the Alaafin of Oyo Oba Lamidi Adeyemi and his cabinet chiefs are searching for another man who is bold, revered and dignified enough to put on the armoured title. Deputy Editor Adewale Adeoye reports Who will be the next 'war general' of the Yoruba nation? This appears a topical issue among a large section of people of the SouthWest as it is among the Oyo Mesi, an age long traditional cabinet associated with the Yoruba and which primordial western scholars who visited the old Oyo Empire in time past, once equated with the British House of Lords. Faced by a sharp political divide, cultural and moral meltdown and a growing public disrespect for a largely isolated leadership, the appointment of another Aare Ona Kakanfo may heal wounds among the Yoruba people, a prominent traditional ruler in Ogun state who does not wish to be named told our correspondent penultimate week. He stated tha…

L o n e l y Me

Standing here and on my own, right about now there’s no too much for me to show I got friends when I was down below, but am up here right now and am so alone Like a pyramid events seems right now, the fatter it is below, and the thinner it gets above The fact is, not many get up there, but I have found myself there and now I’m living like “upstairs”. Its true you see so clear views, everyone’s around you, but then the pain is here; there’s hardly one next to you. Now you must live like in oblivion, please take it that way, because for now its your new religion. Its lonely up here I declare! Little wonder you see me sigh and every time I talk to the birds. Life has changed, am not finding it game, and this fame, beyond my thought is making all things lame. But looking well, who am I to blame, the people down the lane or myself up the plain? Life was fun sitting where all was loud, now am like oh my God! How much I miss the crowd. Without feign I’ll take my pain with less complain, k…

Teenager Tweet Before Death In Maryland Train Derailment

Two teenage girls were killed early Tuesday when a train derailed on the bridge they were sitting on, spilling coal and burying the young women, police in Maryland said. Rose Mayr and Elizabeth Nass, both 19, were apparently sitting on a bridge ledge in Ellicott City, Maryland, just after midnight with their backs to the train when it derailed, according to a written statement from Howard County police. The two girls posted photos to Twitter shortly before the crash. One showed feet dangling over a road, with the caption "Levitating." Another appeared to look down Main Street. Nass tweeted, "Drinking on top of the Ellicott City sign with @ r0se_petals." The name Ellicott City is painted on the railroad bridge. Mayr and Nass were high school classmates of David Butko's. He said he grew concerned when he heard about the accident and saw the pictures on Twitter that indicated Mayr and Nass were on the bridge. iReport: Fatal Train Derailment in Ellicott City…

How Cynthia(Ex-General's Daughter) Was Killed By Facebook Friends

Ikeja — Indications emerged, Tuesday, that the late Cynthia Osokogu, the only daughter of General Frank Osokogu (rtd), whose body was discovered in a Lagos morgue a month after she was declared missing, could have been murdered by her facebook acquaintances. Already, six persons, among them two university students, a pharmacist and an employee of the hotel where the 24-year-old post-graduate student was murdered have been arrested. Investigation into the murder, as reliably gathered, revealed that Cynthia was strangled to death in the hotel by her assailants, who thereafter left with an undisclosed amount, her student identity card and phones. Report said the beautiful and vivacious Cynthia had chatted with the two undergraduates on facebook for months. In the process, they reportedly got to know that she owned a boutique in Nasarawa State, following which they reportedly had a business proposal with her, promising to host her whenever she visited Lagos. On her arrival at the M…

Nigerians Adviced To Keep Hope Alive

Nigerians have been challenged not to give up in the nation but to continually pray for God’s intervention in its affairs. The President, the Habitation church of God International, Rev. Tioluwani Aderibigbe who was speaking at an open air service at the church festival grounds at Uholor village to climax its festival of blessings 2012, stated that the desire of every believer is contained in God’s promise which can only be accessed by faith. Speaking in the topic “Jump over your enemies” Rev Tioluwani Aderibigbe reminded Christian faithful that they are God’s agent of change and transformation and must continually preach the gospel of truth to the flock committed to their care. Rev. Aderibigbe lamented that the missing link in the world today is truth which has allowed myriads of vices to permeate all facets of the society. The clergyman stressed the need for the congregation of faithful to trust, believe fast and pray with determination in order to open a direct line with Go…


..We had no choice of what colour or tribe we were born, neither did we over who our parents will be. Rich or poor, black or white, tall or short, fine or not so fine. But the "Bad Goodnews" is this; From that very day we were born, the journey of choices began, from thence EVERYTHING about life became a choice!. Now we're held responsible for our choices and what we make out of our lives. From the beginning of ages choices existed, the first man had the choice to continue to eat of other fruits and live, or have a bite of the fruit from the forbidden tree and die. The journey of choices starts from birth and ends at death. Breast milk indeed is food for the baby, but thus far in my short sojourn in life, i've seen babies choose to suck or not to suck. I've seen the old on their dying beds choose to bless or to curse. I've seen the youths, male and females choose to make greatness out of their lives and sadly for some craziness out of their lives. One major…


Was sung into my ears right from when I knew what. Many said to me as if it was the only way. I never used to understand, because in my case I saw things differently. Consistency at work was more like it to me, it wasn't like to me what they made it seem. Extreme they made it sound, like what you'll do and die doing. I used to wonder at times, what magnitude of misconception they had of it. The first syllable I think was more of it to them, while the last syllable made the most of sense to me. Idealists reasoned but not many of them reasoned it through. Teachers of morals tried, but still failed to grab the underlying fact. To many, the "Hard" part was it all, but the "Work" in it seemed all to me. Absence of work, is what will spell doom, the prefix "hard" is actually something we can still do without. Consistency at work makes the sense in a whole, and is what the word(Hard work) means. Sadly, it isn't the "HARD" so much stressed…

Life Facts (The Series) 02

Flattery, like coronation in a dream. You'll soon wake up and find no staff, no crown, no one in front of you. @Olalekanakogun

Life Facts (The Series) 01

IMPOSSIBLE is the label on every start point. Our ignorance of this is what pushes us further actually. @Olalekanakogun

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Ff @yourDreams,it fflws back, Mention it everywhere, let the Direct msg be spread accross to all. Forget about what @life and @circmstances feel about your move. They'll soon unfollow you seeing that you found what to live for, and in no time, your world will Trend with Tweets and Retweets of success stories. @Olalekanakogun(c)2012.

Every Sorrow Is Bearable If There Is BREAD.

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Passed down from our fathers , chains and chains of years age. Kept with the uttermost of care, secured with lives of men who fought a thousand and one battles to keep it strong ,longing and hoping to pass it on .From generations to generations they kept it on ;FOREFATHER to GRANDFATHER; GRANDFATHERS to FATHERS; FATHERS to CHILDREN ,on and on they kept the flow. A Substance, What substance? A Vision, What vision? A Treasure, What treasure? Issues we will trash as we go on. The present did not birth the past , the past birth the present, leaving the Faith of the birth of the Future in the hands of the present .We all live in a world passed down, the original substance getting changed with every line of the chain .It is a clear fact I need not emphasise, we own the coming world a pass down of what we’ve GOT .Crude or Refined we can’t but pass it on because today we live, and tomorrow we cease to exist again. The Faith of a generation lies now in the hands of a chosen few, but now “If…