They say it’s the best answer for a fool. But I say, it goes and does beyond proffering answers to a fool. Silence; the first option for the wise, and a big cover for the foolishness of the not so wise. Silence; the 7-letter word that wraths more than seven wonders. Even the Book of ultimate wisdom reveals that “If the fool will shut his lips, men will take him for the wise” Prov 17:28(Paraphrased). SILENCE IS NOT QUIETNESS; SILENCE IS THE ART OF SPEAKING WITH YOUR MOUTH CLOSED. Highly economical I tell you, and the prestige it brings none can compare. Some wonder, what really is the power behind this power? What spectacle is it that comes with its expression? I tell you, silence, more than another thing confuses your opposition, destabilizes his psyche, unsettles his already settled plans, thereby creating a state of imbalance within his mind and body, giving you an advantage over him if you will think and not just close your lips. Silence is calculative; it gives you the advantage of thought, meditation and composure in the midst of confrontation. It conceals your battle plan, it confuses your opposition, and helps you more than anything to analyse your noisy adversary. Highly fearsome, it speaks beyond the words you want to speak. Let there be a lesson for the wise and the not so wise! And there came THE POWER OF SILENCE. “I’LL RATHER BE SILENT THAN SILENCED” herein lies the strength of the talk today. Many have carelessly let go of the power of silence and have inevitably got silenced. When confronted with a challenge beyond your power, consult silence; please don’t speak in a hurry! When faced with more than expected, consult silence, it gives you time to think through. When faced with an encounter seemingly too difficult for you to match up with, consult silence, it gives you time to evaluate your opposition and build up your confidence. In front of opposition, silence will cover your weak areas, but quick speech will reveal them. In a defence, silence will help you listen, but hurried speech might take you to prison. In a bargain, silence will help you to reason, but hurried speech will make you lose it. In a confrontation with fellow men, silence makes you bigger than you really are, stronger than you look, confusing your opposition much more than the words of mouth can achieve. Amazing, even in the animal word, silence (stillness) confuses the predator, and gives the prey an edge over it. EXPLORE SILENCE!!! Silence is an ART, Silence is a DISCIPLINE, Silence is MATURITY, Silence is MAGICAL, Silence is POWER! In your next confrontation, don’t you hurry to speak a word, don’t you rush to act, let it lie, let silence do some working. The presence of silence is not weakness; the display of silence is not timidity. Not many can understand its working, because it is better applied than explained, and I’ll rather prescribe than describe because only a trial can convince. Note: Silence is for a purpose, and once the purpose is achieved, STRIKE! You’ll catch your enemy napping. It’s The Wordsmith, Akogun Olalekan (c) 2012


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