Life In a HURRY!

If life to you 's a game, start the playing EARLY. If to you it seems like luck, then start the Gambling EARLY. If to you it seems like Fun, do start the Enjoying EARLY. If like some, it seems like Food, pleeease start the cooking EARLY. If life seems a Script, do well to start the Drama EARLY. If life to you seems a Book, flip the pages faster, and start the Reading EARLY. If like some it feels like Poison, then find the antidote. EARLY. If life to you 's been nothing but Pain, get some pain relief and shake it off EARLY before it becomes chronic. If life to you is all about Friends, Gather them EARLY. If life to you seems nothing more than family, do good to make one EARLY. If life to you sums up its meaning as Money, gather your focus and go for it EARLY. If life to you seems nothing but God, better live it for Him, and give in to Him EARLY. LIFE 'S LIVING ITS LIFE IN A HURRY....There's never enough time here, everything moves in a hurry, so bad it isn't waiting on or for anyone, its so in a haste and I don't blame it, the only place where there's never haste is the Grave where there's absolutely nothing again to attain, and one has got the whole eternity to become fossil fuel. "Work now while it is day, for the night comes when no man can work" so says a verse of the Holy Book. DECISIONS COUNT, BUT THE ONES MADE IN GOOD TIME, COUNTS EVEN MORE!!! The morale of the story today is DONT BE INDECISIVE. Lack of ideas doesn't kill, it only keeps you on your sit for live, but Indecision faster than anything, kills you there, o-n t-h-e s-i-t. Known what you want? Lucky you! GET ON IT EARLY. Yet to know? Lucky you! START FINDING IT NOW! ᶥᵗˢ the 'WoƦdڪ♍ith'® Twitter: @Olalekanakogun (inspiration) Facebook: Akogun wordsmith Olalekan Ǥőőd Morning! Have an Inspired week!


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