Being YOU!

...Sing like no one's listening Dance like nobody's watching Talk like not a soul is listening Imagine a world of just you, and there'll be no reason for pretence. Imagine a world where its just you and there'll be no one to impress. We've faked so much already, we now can't really tell what we like from what we don't. We've lived another man so perfectly, treated his illness so wonderfully, and left our true self and its weaknesses hidden so carefully. Forgetting so easily that the only true person we can be is us, even bodily. Imitation is the easiest way of Flattery, Being your true self is the fastest way of getting to perfection. LOSE YOURSELF(say no to pretence), LIVE IT LIKE ITS ONLY YOU AND NO ONE'S WATCHING. Its the only way we can get to know our own self. Be yourself, Show yourself(discover your flaws) and treat yourself(making right what's wrong about you). Note: If you've not made mistakes, then its clear you're playing it too safe, and your mistakes are just hiding and waiting for you in a safe! Lose yourself, in this, we find our true self. ᶥᵗˢ the 'WoƦdڪ♍ith'® Twitter: @Olalekanakogun (inspiration) Facebook: Akogun Wordsmith Olalekan Ǥőőd Morning! Have REAL rest of the week!


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