..We had no choice of what colour or tribe we were born, neither did we over who our parents will be. Rich or poor, black or white, tall or short, fine or not so fine. But the "Bad Goodnews" is this; From that very day we were born, the journey of choices began, from thence EVERYTHING about life became a choice!. Now we're held responsible for our choices and what we make out of our lives. From the beginning of ages choices existed, the first man had the choice to continue to eat of other fruits and live, or have a bite of the fruit from the forbidden tree and die. The journey of choices starts from birth and ends at death. Breast milk indeed is food for the baby, but thus far in my short sojourn in life, i've seen babies choose to suck or not to suck. I've seen the old on their dying beds choose to bless or to curse. I've seen the youths, male and females choose to make greatness out of their lives and sadly for some craziness out of their lives. One major reason why we still live today is because we still have choices to make but yet to be made. Understanding dawned on me sometimes ago and I came to conclude that ; "MY LIFE IS A SUM OF MY CHOICES, A PRODUCT OF EVERYTHING I CHOSE OR CHOSE NOT TO DO". If you're reading this piece now, i tell you and you too know it that; Its a new day, and you've got Patent rights to make your choices. Indeed, YOU MAY NOT HAVE MADE GOOD CHOICES, BUT YOU SURE CAN MAKE GOOD THOSE CHOICES by making new ones TODAY. Akogun Olalekan(c)2011.


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