MOUTHED!!! It will speak, it will shout, it will scare, but yet lacks the power to do. This is "The Mouth", and you're welcome to its mediocrity."Talk is cheap", a regular but wise saying goes, because action it is that makes talk sensible after all. Many will build castles in the air, construct roads, bridges, pass exams, get married, bear children and even go to heaven all with their mouth(lips). But sadly, the only action that succeeds the talk is another talk. So annoying, they never get to do!In case you are yet to know, the mouth flies faster than the fastest aircraft, drives faster than the fastest automobile too, as all it will need to do is say; "Take off Nigeria, land England" without moving from a spot.Its been observed that those who talk more actually achieve less, little wonder another saying goes "Empty drums make the loudest sound". There is a pain that hurts my heart deeply about the 'Mouthed', and i'll summarize in this quote; "The roaring lion never kills a prey". Ofcourse, the roaring lion will never be able to kill a prey because its announcement of a hunting session would go so far and wide that every potential prey would have taken cover or fled for their lives."Talk less, do more!" That's the by-line of a true hero.Its not so much in the noise you are making or have made, but in those you have silenced. Be the doer, be the actor, infact be termed the action itself.Want to go far? Speak softly and carry a big stick(implementation).I have witheld my hands not to write you an epistle as the matter here is not one of many words but much deeds and many doings to be done.Pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! You have said enough now, just do!Its da WoƦdڪ♍ith®AKOGUN OLALEKAN(C) 2012.Facebook: Akogun OlalekanTwitter:


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