"Congratulations dear applicant, it is our pleasure to inform you that you have been offered provisional admission to study in the Department of Human Kinetics". Thus goes the welcoming words of admittance into the higher institution of learning. At this point, the card has just been placed on your table as the student and the ball in your court as one in a contest. A fight for survival it is, a race, a competition, one which should be taken as a must win.
                The journey to excellence or otherwise, starts at the point of resolution on what to do with what you have in your hands. A make or a mar, a win or a lose, a profit or a loss, a gain or a pain; from thence, the choice is now yours for the making.
                Many actually make right decisions at the start, off course, everyone loves success. But there is a silent, dangerous enemy which goes by the name DISTRACTION!!!. Distractions are distracting actions generated either internally (within) or externally (without).DISTRACTION IT IS THAT THAT MAKES BAD THE INITIAL GOOD DECISIONS MADE BY MANY.
                Distractions never come in announced, they creep in. Distraction when it comes, never leaves willingly, unless by a conscious and deliberate eviction by the one distracted.
                Distractions bear distractions, as one leads to the generation of the other. Distraction has got one enemy, and that enemy remains the one major friend you’ll need in this undergraduate journey, and it is FOCUS!!!.
                Focus, the one and only antidote to distraction is what you need to keep it real and actualize your original goals, aspirations and desires.
                Friends, “THE EYE THAT WILL FIND A THING IN THE DARK, MUST WORK WITH THE MIND”. If you must come out of with nothing short of excellence, then you must rise up to the task. Avoid distractions, and let your eyes work with your mind (Determination) if you must find something worthwhile in this present darkness.
Irrespective of who you are , or what you do, distraction is a no respecter of persons, avoid it with every bit of strenght in you, fight and resist it with every bit of focus left within you. In this simple secret lies the strenght of speed, speed is speed because it maintains focus. Hear this; Any SPEED WITHOUT FOCUS WILL SOON COME TO A GROUND HALT. Maintain focus, you can't afford to come to a halt on 'this'.
                I pray with you a successful outcome in all you set your heart to do. Stay focused, avoid distractions.
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