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15 Confirmed Dead As Bomb Blast Hits Christian Students’ Fellowship at Bayero University, Kano » buk_gateAnother bomb blast has rocked the city of Kano, this time inside the premises of Bayero University. About 15 people have been reportedly killed while several others sustained various degrees of injuries in the attacks at St. Stephen Catholic Chaplain, Bayero University, Kano. The attacks occurred early this morning as Christian worshippers gathered at Theatre Two near Sport Complex, old Campus of the institution.
A witness told AFP news agency the attackers had first thrown in explosives and fired shots, “causing a stampede among worshippers”.
“They now pursued them, shooting them with guns. They also attacked another service at the sporting complex.”
Another witness spoke of “pandemonium”, and said he had seen two men shooting indiscriminately.
Mohammed Suleiman, a History lecturer at the University, said security guards had to run for their lives when the violence broke out.

THE OTHER MAN (Thoughts)

Many are the thoughts that run through my mind this day. I'm grateful for the little i've achieved today, eventhough sometimes I'm tempted to want to compare what i call my achievements with what others of my age range have achieved else where. Just like me, many a times we just aren't grateful enough to God and those who have gone through the worse to make life worth a living for us. Ignorant of this, we aggitate, compare and  come up with the line, questioning; "WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER MAN?". It took me time to appreciate the unique sequence of our individual life journeys. But as i continued in growth and experience in life, Understanding dawned on me,"my eyes" were opened and suddenly, no one taught me to change the tone of my question, to ask now,"w h a t a b o u t t h e o t h e r m a n"?  Today before you say an unkind word - Think of someone who can't speak. Before you complain about the taste of your food - Think of someone who …


...Like something I could say was created on the 7th day She made me the more to think it even spanned till the 8th day If I find one brighter than her, God knows I'll be screaming May Day!!! What more am I to think, when I don't get to see her kind like everyday. I sit here in my couch thinking everyday about someday, when I'll hold her hands and walk her down the aisle, Oh God Bless that day! The time, I don't have,  to be precise, but everytime I think of it, it always makes me feel like the right time it is. No matter what I do or don't, this thoughts and me are so intertwined, I think and think and think, these thoughts will not let me be and they don't get away in time. With time, a brother said to me; "All these will be off you mind". In reply, I said back to him, "Speak once more and you'll have me lose my mind and you your right eye". The thought of his words were like swords piercing me deep within and already I'm feeling…

Power of giving

MOST people prefer to receive than to give due to the inherent nature of man to be selfish, often thinking of his own needs before those of others. But there is a lot to be gained and stand to benefit in giving instead of receiving. 
  And giving should not be restricted to money or material items for that's what most of us think of when it comes to giving. Giving includes the giving of time, kindness, ideas, advice, attention, skills, hope, love, touch, and much more. Besides the impact that giving makes in the lives of others, it can benefit the giver also, with benefits ranging from the practical, such as improved health and professional connections, to the intangible, like hope and a sense of connection with others. 
 Your simple act of giving can improve the lives of others as well as your health and sense of wellbeing, your relationships, your company's bottom line, your happiness and many more. It can give a sense of purpose and fulfilment that you don't get from rece…
Shall the Darkness Come? 28 Feb 2011 Views: 1,008 Font Size: a / A
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When George Udezue was in high school in the 1950’s, he was filled with fervent idealism, an optimism nurtured by expectations of Uhuru, freedom. Total but responsible freedom.  For Nigeria.  For the black man. For Africa.  Fanned by the nationalist struggles of Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya, Nnamdi Azikiwe of Nigeria, and Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, he and his fellow youngsters dreamed of being in the vanguard, “for the creation of a new destiny for Africa”.
Africa, they believed, had been in darkness for more than six centuries, culminating in the odious slave trade and colonialism. They, his generation, were going to be the knights in shining armour cleaving through the darkness of oppression, routing the oppressors and restoring the light to a grateful pan-African citizenry.
Today, Udezue, fondly called Udez Baba by his friends, has lost his naïve idealism. He n…
Let There Be Light! 22 Apr 2012 Views: 9,833 Font Size: a / A
Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke

By Ijeoma Nwogwugwu News Analysis In recognition that the wholesale reform of the power sector cannot be achieved without the cooperation and input of the oil and gas sector, the petroleum ministry last week declared a 12-month gas supply emergency plan aimed at increasing gas supply to thermal power stations in the country, especially the new National Integrated Power projects expected to come on stream in the months ahead. Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke, in a statement, said during the period, her ministry alongside the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and gas producing companies would deploy extraordinary measures to accelerate opportunities for quick wins in order to ameliorate the potential gap between gas demand and supply. A decision, she said, has been taken to strengthen the capacity, as well as the roles of the Gas Aggregation C…
TWO persons, a commercial motorcyclist and his passenger, were crushed by a train at Akobo area of Ibadan on Sunday.
According to eyewitnesses, who put the time of the incident at around 10.00 a.m, the engine driver of the train did not hoot to alert people that the train was approaching.
Nigerian Tribune  was further told that the iron bar erected to prevent vehicles, motorcycles and people  from crossing whenever train was passing had not been functioning for almost two years.
It was gathered that the passenger who had taken his labouring pregnant  wife to the hospital  on Sunday, left the hospital and consequently chartered the okada to take him to a particular place he would collect some money needed for his wife’s delivery.
According to the people, the okada’s front wheel had climbed the rail line before they noticed the approaching train which hit both of them on  the okada  resulting in their death.
After the policemen at Akobo Police Division had been alerted, their corp…

Palm Wine Drinkards

Palm Wine Drinkards Mar 28th, 2010 | By | Category: Business, Headlines About three weeks after my arrival in Ghana that a friend, Yao, handed me the calabash of palm wine with the directive, “Try this; it’s deha, palm wine.” I had heard much about the treasured drink that was such a staple of West Afrikans’ culture it also reigned in their literature but the frothy, milk-like liquid in the small calabash, which Yao handed me looked unappealing.
Miniature canoes of large dead ants bobbed amidst the froth. I attempted to maintain my ‘gracious guest’ etiquette of tasting almost any food offered before giving an opinion. With a puff of air I rowed the canoes to a side, said a silent prayer to the Divinity of nausea and timorously swallowed some of the wine. That was enough. The instant the sweet liquid touched my palate I increased my grip on the calabash and downed the remainder of the wine in one swig.
Yao hastily pulled the empty calabash f…

Palm Wine Sellers Paid Tax In Western Region, 1952!

Palm Wine Sellers Paid Tax In Western Region, 1952! - By Erasmus Ikhide IT has been hue and cry since Adams Oshiomhole-led administration come clean on enforcing the Federal, State, and Local Government tax laws as entrenched in our status books of taxation. It’s worthy of note to educate and silence the idle critics of Edo State tax administration and draw a critical balance between 1952 and 2006 tax laws where it is a must for every citizen of Nigeria to pay his or her tax as at when due. I reproduce herewith word for word the edit of bye-laws under the Western Region Local Government Law, 1952, as applied to ‘‘Etsako District Council Public Health (Palm wine) Bye-Laws, 1955’’. Read on: In the exercise of the powers conferred upon the …

Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?

By Tosan Okotie

What kind of eulogy does Michael Jackson (MJ) deserve? It’s doubtful if anyone English professor is assigned the task of drafting MJ’s tribute, that, the write-up would satisfy half the readers because different people have too many good things to share about this distinguished man who mattered so much especially to the folks in Warri-Nigeria. MJ was not only an inspiration to people but he actually impacted huge millions of people/homes with joy across the globe. Let’s see MJ’s legendary from the happiness perspective which cannot be quantified in monetary terms. It’s no more a secret that many people find solace in smoking or drinking when they’re depressed. Likewise, many people also get comfort by listening to music, MJ’s music for that matter. While certain levels of smoking/drinking could cause harm to the body, hearing MJ’s music really galvanizes the joyous aspect of your mind. Just for those who may not be familiar with the city called Warri. Warri is a c…