Call it a syndrome and you won't be wrong.
Call it a disease and you're not far from it.
Call it a helpless mentality,and i'll say you're there.
Adam i want this, Adam i want that.
Adam i've taken this, Adam i've taken that.
Adam see this, won't you take a bite?
Adam!, don't just sit there and watch, this is really pleasant.
..........WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF EVE,ALWAYS AT THE COMMAND OF HER EYES. When it say here, she moves here, when it says there, she's there already. SHE'S ENSLAVED TO HER EYES...........Listen as i quote THE BOOK;
"And the woman STARED at the fruit (Gen 3:6 CEV)"
"And when the woman SAW that the tree was good for food (Gen 3:6 KJV)"
Are you still there? Untill the gazing, staring thing came to play, she wasn't decieved (i mean untill her eyes nailed her, she couldn't be nailed).
EVE is strong, but only when her 'eyes are shut'.
EVE desires whatever looks pleasant even if it'll lead to death.
Do you want to nail eve? Then flash it accross her eyes to gaze.
Now, even if the adam mentality sounded male, and the eve mentality is sounding female, i must here be plain to note with us that there's an adam in every eve and the eve is certainly a modified bone of adam. Hence we can see a complete picture of adam "the HE..VE"
If i being a boy, girl, man, woman, young or old carry this mentality and act these expression,then i'm of the Eve Mentality.
At this juncture, shall we not repent and throw away this EVE MENTALITY?


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