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10 Types of “Creatures” In Your WhatsApp Group

Which are you?

WhatsApp groups and their complexities, uniqueness and craze. There is no amount of words to describe the absurdity. They're fun, they're serious, they're up, they're done and they're mostly completely random... 
We all belong to at least one category, even if we may not want to admit it.
You will most definitely find these kinds of people in almost every Whatsapp group, no matter how hard you deny it.
1. Master of Irrelevancies
There's always someone in the group who sends all the memes, videos, BCs, etc he/she sees that day.
They send them in no particular order, and once we get tired and hit at them, they hide under the "you don't know who might be needing it" gist.
We all know it's not going to be their last one no matter how hard we cry...

2. The Error Voicenote Dude

There's always one person who's constantly sending voice notes, either because he or she is too lazy to type or accidentally.
I don't mind voice notes, but when you're rolling them out daily and mistakenly too, we gonn have a problem.

3. The Always Online Buddie

There's the person who's always online, even if they're out of the house, out of town, out of the country... their hands are permanently attached to their phones.

4. The Inappropriate Jesters

These "jokes" come at extremely random times and can make others feel uncomfortable. They hardly know when to stop, they care less whose axe is gored. But, they can also be funny, if you're into x-rated and/or silly humour.

5. The Observer (Monitoring Spirits)

This person is also always there but never talks.
If he/she does talk, it's just one-word messages to tell us they're alive, watching our every move... silently. 

6. The Pop-up Soul

This person pops up only if you mention them by name. Otherwise, they'll miss out on plans, birthday parties, conversations -you name it. 
But... oddly enough, the minute you mention their name, they'll reply. It's almost magical.

7. Mr Popular

This person is just so extremely popular that he or she can't keep up with the chat boxes. They'll eventually send the wrong message to the wrong group, making for some embarrassing moments. 
It's not the end of the world, sure, but if that happens to be you, your friends will never let it go (The "world" is always waiting to pounce on them).

8. The Admin/Boss

This person is the one who created the group and thus thinks he/she's the boss of everyone, with the absolute power to smite (or kick out) the wretched and the misbehaved. 
He/She's also kind of an evil dictator...

9. The Whinner

This is the person that complains when there are voice notes, when there are 100+ messages, when there's no one talking and when literally nothing happens, they will be there to complain.
A Whatsapp group simply isn't complete without the person who will message you, saying: "Really guys? 322 messages?", "Don't Y'all have jobs?".

10. The Ghost (Unknown One)

We don't know why this person is in the group, sometimes he knows no one and no one knows him. How do we help their 'ghostliness' when we don't even know they're there?

Hahahaha, am sure you found yourself or your lookalike. 
I did find fragments of me.

Poke a friend or two, tag them with the link to read.


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