Pull Out!!!

"1. Arguments going beyond 15mins, especially when they don't improve your economic value, #PullOut

2. 30mins gone, trying to convince someone of a matter, especially when it doesn't affect your continuous existence/living, #PullOut

4. Debating religious doctrines and/or actions of supposed clerics, especially when you know it's your life to live, and your prerogative to face the "Great White Throne" as an individual, #PullOut

5. Years gone living another man's life, trying to please some persons/group, to the detriment of your own joy, #PullOut

6. Forever long in evil, too scared to face the repercussions of quitting. Just know life's time & chance and that death is once, #PullOut

7. Read from 1-6 and still can't comprehend fully/at all, nor are you fired-up to take the bold step? don't you #PullOut, read again!" -TW™ 

Some things are not just worth it, yet it's observed that we spend, not even invest so much of our time in them.
I have studied this trend dutifully, and have observed as such over the years, that; 
"The most profitable things in life, get the least of our time, effort and attention". -TW
And it appears to me like "some force" has deliberately put some many seemingly interesting things in this space to waste our limited time.
"Life's so short, so short that even at a hundred and twenty years, it'll only have become clearer to whoever lives that long that life is indeed short!" -TW
So, why waste it?
MISTAKES, amongst other things, have been found to be key things that trap us where we wouldn't ordinarily have loved to be for as long as we have. It's proven, times and over again that many men sit in their mistakes not for the lack of a want-out, but for the fear of what lies "Ahead and Within".
Yes, ahead and within, this two are serious issues in life. What lies within, can and would always prevent you from seeing and perhaps in many cases exploring what lies ahead. 
Are you sitting with your mistakes, gripped by the cold hands of fear, too scared to take a step? Making the mistake was bad enough, but sitting in and with it is worse and would lead to the worst happening.
 M-I-S-T-A-K-E, as the name implies is simply a subject of choice. In fact, it's only a Mis-take! i.e a wrong choice, and it's most often than not, not permanent, yes you can make another choice!!!
So why don't you just #PullOut?
Why don't you just damn what lies within for what lies ahead?
There's a whole new life out there, give yourself a chance, allow yourself another opportunity, only #PullOut!!!



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