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17 Bad Habits You Need To Kill To Be More Successful In 2018

Finally take control of your destiny by deleting the negative habits that have been dragging you down.
Many of you will resolve to start a new positive habit in 2018. Adding good habits can be fun, but unfortunately (most of the time), they don't work. Approximately 38 percent of Nigerians will make resolutions, and only 8 percent will succeed.
Instead of adding a new diet or workout regime, let's remove the negative habits that have been holding you back.
1. Kill your habit of checking social media during the workday Social media platforms are masters of making you stay there. Getting lost in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc can be fun, but it's counterproductive during the day–especially while you're trying to build that presentation for your investors.
Now that we're on the subject, turn off the notifications on your phone, too. You can check your Snaps on your break.
2. Kill your habit of thinking it's all about you Your frowning boss isn't conspiring …