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Many a time I try to bring some folks up to speed with recent trends, not losing sight of where we were coming from. This really can be a arduous task in most cases as a majority would rather  remain in the/their pasts.  Call them obstinate and my only dissatisfaction will be your failure to add the prefix "unnecessarily" or "myopically".  Sadly, too many sons & daughters  of my generation are failing to live their lives, in that they have preferred to live life by the views their ancestors held and passed down, over careful observation of life as it stands now.  It was not my intention to confuse you on writing this piece, and it still isn't now. But living the new life by old rules cum views can really complicate a lot of things.  Am not of the opinion that nothing of old was good or still relevant, am only and advocate of the use of life's 'Delete' & 'Add' button.  I really would have  love to write extensively, highlighting some…