NYSC To Deploy First Class Graduates To Universities – DG‎

Like that old familiar line from somewhere in the New testament Bible; "The child in my womb leaped for joy" feeling, so it was for me on hearing this news. Obviously I have wasted no time in revealing my stand point on this novel development . 
"It's long overdue" I felt within me. Its something I had always waited for.
However down trodden our tertiary education, and I must say education at all level in Nigeria has gone, a First Class degree isn't sold with trays in the market just yet. You have your opinions about that sentence, I agree. (A yoruba adage says and I interprete ; "If you journey far, you'll come accross a hunchbacked ‎squirrel ")
Kudos to those who where able to bag such an enviable degree from their various institutions of learning (I didn't) . 

The recent development by the NYSC in ploughing back excellence produced by the Universities and Polytechnic into the same is commendable. It saddens my heart to see that graduates of high academic excellence believed/purported by some of us to ‎be the direct replacements for our aging Professors accross the country often end up in seemingly un-fitting places and jobs (I'll rather not mention any more than the banking institution and oil firms, though not limited to these). This unfortunate situation has led to a measurable and alarming BRAIN DRAIN in our tertiary institutions. Students who have performed excellently well as scholars should be encouraged (motivated in every wise) to remain in the academia to impart knowledge into others and by the way, serve as sources of inspiration to aspiring graduates and students. This will in-turn result in a geometric progression of "Brains" to replace our indefatigable academics whose stars have dimmed as a result of aging and other forms of deterioration. 
I wouldn't now how well this news has met you, but I believe it's a right step in the right direction.  

The News:

The Director-General, National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Brig.-Gen. Johnson Olawumi, on Wednesday said graduates with first class degrees would, henceforth, be deployed to teach in universities and other tertiary institutions.

Olawumi said this in Kaduna at a two-day pre-mobilisation workshop for the 2015 Batch "B" NYSC programme.

He said the new posting policy was to properly mobilise the right manpower to boost the education sector.

"All corps members who graduated with First Class honours Degrees and Diplomas will be posted to tertiary institutions for effective utilisation of their manpower.

" The posting policy of the scheme is being vigorously implemented for the achievement of the desired impact.

" I, therefore, appeal to the authorities of all tertiary institutions of learning to reciprocate this gesture by accepting and offering them permanent appointments after service."

Ref : Leadership News.


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