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NYSC To Deploy First Class Graduates To Universities – DG‎

Like that old familiar line from somewhere in the New testament Bible; "The child in my womb leaped for joy" feeling, so it was for me on hearing this news. Obviously I have wasted no time in revealing my stand point on this novel development .  "It's long overdue" I felt within me. Its something I had always waited for. However down trodden our tertiary education, and I must say education at all level in Nigeria has gone, a First Class degree isn't sold with trays in the market just yet. You have your opinions about that sentence, I agree. (A yoruba adage says and I interprete ; "If you journey far, you'll come accross a hunchbacked ‎squirrel ") Kudos to those who where able to bag such an enviable degree from their various institutions of learning (I didn't) . 
The recent development by the NYSC in ploughing back excellence produced by the Universities and Polytechnic into the same is commendable. It saddens my heart to see that graduates o…

WHY YOUR PAY-TV CAN'T BE PAY AS YOU GO, But Instead Your Subscription Keeps Running Even While You Not Watching.

You wish, very earnestly, that your pay-TV subscription would not run while you are not watching. You are not alone. Almost every pay-TV subscriber would want it that way. That would make us use our subscription in a way similar to how we use the airtime on our phones when we are on the pay-as-you-go platform. It would be terrific to subscribe for one month and have the subscription stretched over three or four months by being billed only when we watch. If we do not watch for a cumulative of 10 days in a month, perhaps because we leave for work very early to return very late, attend many social engagements or travel out of town, we would have gained 10 days in the next month because we would not have been billed for the time we were not watching.In very simple terms, you would want to be billed only when you watch-for an hour, two hours or more.It is just terrific. No other way to describe it. But it is an eminently unrealisable wish. It is also technologically unworkable.First and for…