War! War!! War!!!; Return To Your Africa Or We Will Kill You’ South Africans Write Nigerians, Others.

"Everyone Is A Stranger, A Visitor Somewhere. This new found hostility by South Africans, towards other nationals is uncalled-for. To think it's the presence of foreigners in a country that hampers availability of jobs and other socioeconomic gains is a wrong notion, and as for me, is  a clear indication of misinformation and there's a need for re orientation of South Africans.
If non-nationals are getting the jobs in your country, then it could be a clear indication your unemployability or share laziness and/or inability to come up with business innovations which these foreigners have done and is inturn appearing threatening to you/your survival in your own country. To have descended to such low i.e Xenophobic actions, going even as far as killing and maiming foreigners is appalling and show a gross level of barbarism. 
Your plights could have been tenable to some extents if channeled appropriately, ofcourse we had the "Ghana Must Go" in Nigeria, which in my view was NEEDLESS, had the then Nigerian government managed our resources properly. We have long evolved from such irrational acts. South Africa boasting the 2nd largest economy in Africa, should have too by this age. 
To think of the role these 'foreign' countries played in the liberation of South Africa and it's sustenance, this manner of attack is unfair and cunning, posterity might hold a big grudge against South Africans if this continues.
I do not support illegal migration, but if these people suffering these attacks are genuine migrants (which many of them are), then the institutions that allowed them entry and permits should have been your focal points for attacks and not the foreigners/migrants.
Dear South Africans, there's no such thing as "Your Africa", as Africa is Africa, and infact, "Our Africa". Please stop the hostility, stop the bloodletting, we can attack the issues and not the people‎." -Akogun Olalekan.

Here's What Our Brothers Wrote To Us; 

"Dear neighbour from Africa and other parts of the world, we have travelled the world and have not found one country that allows the floods of humans across its borders as South Africa is experiencing. Even in war-torn parts like Syria, Ukraine, Yemen and Somali.We were seven million people in Johannesburg city in 2011. Today, we have an estimated 13 million. In Johannesburg alone, you have taken over entire suburbs: Yeoville, Berea, Bez Valley, Turfontein, among many. You have even moved into rural parts of our country that have 80-per-cent unemployment, and there are no visible signs that you have jobs either.We want to be proudly part of the geographic construct called Africa, but we are as different from one another as Kenyans are from Nigerians; Ivorians from Chadians, etc.We are pleading with you to return to your home countries. Go and build up those countries so that we can all live in economic, social and political prosperity and peace as neighbours. The genocide in this corner of Africa will be far worse than what happened in Rwanda in 1994. Then the entire continent will be condemned to ashes. Is that what you want?South Africans not fully employed or who were found guilty of crimes, were recently repatriated from Nigeria and rightly so. Our people are preparing for war against all foreigners (from Bulgaria, Pakistan and Bangladesh to Africa, north of the Limpopo) and we are all very scared. Please go home and build Africa. Millions will die if you don't. This we can guarantee.‎"

‎Original story
by Deji Abiodun,
Courtesy NewsWireNGR.

Opening thoughts by @Olalekanakogun. Follow on twitter.


  1. Well said! No to Xenophobia! No to Racism!

  2. Well said! No to Xenophobia! No to Racism!

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