In The End...(Prose)

"...In the end and above all, there's this greater battle, and we are all pawns in this game of life. Its not us they're fighting but our God in and around us, its not them who's fighting us actually, but their god in and through them.
Its beyond me we've been left to do battle, knowing we wrestle not against flesh and blood like ourselves, but what more can we? We'll fight with an assurance its a battle already won.
Shouts to those who fell and will fall before the victory is come in physical manifest. Like pawns, we'll go where we are asked and do according to mandate.......its a battle of two Thrones, #ItsABattleOfTheGods.
I remain in the know, and keep my calm, the game has come of age, our fathers did do battle, we are doing battle, and the coming generation will experience no difference until the whole battle(Game) is called off by this much awaited huge sound of a trumpet.
.....The irony remains not all will hear, so somehow the "Game" continues until all elements are destroyed by he who put them in place in the first place. There shall be a new world, this one's a mirage!" -TW™
Akogun Olalekan™


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