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What more could best fit as a Democracy day gift to readers of this blog than a security tip or two to help safeguard our lives and property?
Following the incessant bomb attacks on innocent citizens, which has as we all know, led to loss of thousands of lives and properties, the Nigeria Police force through its spokesperson ;
(Police Force PRO) , Frank Mba has stated easy ways Nigerians can identify a suicide bomber if they spot one. He described the way they move, their reactions, how they try to avoid eye contacts with people around and lots more.
This is clearly one of the best awareness tips ever released by the force since the pathetic evolution of suicide bombings in Nigeria. Here's what the Police chief had to say;
Characteristics of a potential suicide bomberThere is no specific profile for anyone who engages himself in suicide bombing. A suicide bomber can come from nearly every cultural background, religion, race, creed or gender. However, the following are common chara…

"Get" and "Attain" - Don't Die Forgetting To Live!

Ever thought about what was problem to you years ago and now?
Ever wondered why there are still look alikes of the past in the now?
As kids we needed clothes, and now has anything changed? Yes, now we need bigger and more fashionable clothes.
For as old as the earth is, man's problem has being a struggle to "GET" and "ATTAIN". His strife daily sums up into those two words. The entirety of his days are spent on those two things. From cradle to the grave, that's all he pursues.
From Adam's till present, this has not changed. If any change down/along the line, it must be in 'form and dimension' and not in 'presence or absence' for this problem is ever present among the living.
Many's view in the whole of this is; "Its Just A Normal Thing". But from the beginning,it was not so. Man was made to tend a garden, be fruitful and multiply. Basically just LIVE, not chasing after wants, needs or status. And there was then…


Here's What You Should Know About Abubakar Shekau, The Ruthless Leader Of Boko HaramThe name Abubakar Shekau may sound unfamiliar to those who are new to Nigerian politics, but the head of Boko Haram has been a terrifying fixture in West Africa for nearly half a decade. A shadowy figure, Shekau has a reputation for cheating death, escaping a mental asylum, and commanding a brutal insurrection against the government.Shekau made headlines on Tuesday after a video emerged showing him railing against Christians and world leaders, while claiming responsibility for the abduction of more than 300 girl from a school in Northern Nigeria. The video has given a face to the terrorist group that has become the focus of international outrage, and the target of governments seeking the safe return of the abducted girls.Boko Haram Before ShekauShekau took over the leadership of Boko Haram from its founder Mohammed Yusuf, a popular preacher who wanted to install an Islamist state in Nigeria’s nort…

In The End...(Prose)

"...In the end and above all, there's this greater battle, and we are all pawns in this game of life. Its not us they're fighting but our God in and around us, its not them who's fighting us actually, but their god in and through them.
Its beyond me we've been left to do battle, knowing we wrestle not against flesh and blood like ourselves, but what more can we? We'll fight with an assurance its a battle already won.
Shouts to those who fell and will fall before the victory is come in physical manifest. Like pawns, we'll go where we are asked and do according to mandate.......its a battle of two Thrones, #ItsABattleOfTheGods.
I remain in the know, and keep my calm, the game has come of age, our fathers did do battle, we are doing battle, and the coming generation will experience no difference until the whole battle(Game) is called off by this much awaited huge sound of a trumpet.
.....The irony remains not all will hear, so somehow the "Game&quo…

NYSC 2014: Programme Time-Table for Batch B 2014 Corps Members Is Out [See Schedule ]

The National Youth Service Corps authorities have released the programme time-table for the 2014 BATCH 'B'. See Below ;Registration of Foreign
Nigerian Graduates.
14th April, 2014 – 11th July, 2014Batch ‘B’ pre-Mobilization,
Deployment & Relocation Officers’
Workshop.6th – 9th May, 2014Submission of Masterlist by the following:
Corps Producing Institution/
Screening/Vetting by Mob. officers
2nd – 7th June, 2014Delivery of Print-outs to CPIs
16th – 18th June, 2014Return of Corrected Printouts by Institutions to Mobilization,
Dept.25th – 27th June, 2014Briefing of Final year Students/Prospective Corps members in CPIs.
7th – 11th July, 2014Delivery of Call-up letters to CPIs.
28th – 31st July, 20142014 Batch ‘B’ Orientation
Programmes 5th – 26th August

Boko Haram Leader Mocks Jonathan In New Release , Calls The President A "Lame Duck"

Obviously we are yet to see the end of the face off between the Boko Haram sect and President Goodluck Jonathan together with the country at large. As it stays, the sect has joined issues with the whole world(Western World). Here's the news;Leader of the Boko Haram sect, Abubakar Shekau has described president Goodluck Jonathan as a ‘lame duck’ who can not overcome them.The kingpin of the dreaded group in another video released to newsmen on Saturday said they have been within Abuja, yet they can never be found.Shekau who said his group was responsible for the recent attack on Nyanya bus station where several lives were wasted described the incident as a ‘tiny one,’ adding that Nigerians are yet to see the worst.He spoke at top of his voice into the camera, laughing sarcastically.“Let the world know that we were responsible for the bombing within Abuja in an area called Nyanya. [President] Jonathan, you are a lame duck. Jonathan, you are now too small for us. We can only deal wi…

NAMES OF ABDUCTED CHIBOK GIRLS RELEASED! (Christian - Muslim Ratio, Way Forward?)

Many will agree that the release of the girls is all that matters. Distinguishing on the basis of religion obviously does no good to this cause.
News has surfaced on the Internet that a list of names of the abducted Chibok girls has been released by a said evangelist (A pressumed member of CAN). It's yet to be clear whose interest he represents, the church in his locality or the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).
Below is the press release from "CAN" ;
ABOMINATION! ABOMINATION!!CHRISTIAN GIRLS ABDUCTED IN CHIBOK, BORNO STATE.Daughters of Zion taken captive, to be treated as slaves and sold into marriage to unclean people. Abomination has been committed.Raise lamentation to High Heavens. What a shame on the Church of the Living God.FACTS:Chibok Local Government is 90% Christians. Majority of the girls abducted are Christian! Why did Boko Haram visit Chibok Local Government? Why didn’t they visit so many other Local Government Girls Secondary Schools in Borno State?…