"MADE FOR MORE" - #UnderstandingMe

"...I didn't find my way to the top of the 'food chain' only to be a 'vegetarian', nor was I created a predator to make friends. I know who I am, and I'll make the best out of me." -TW™
Its been so often said that no one can tell you so accurately than yourself. Of course none has the power to see the goings-on in your mind, what we see is what you show, and what you show, is what you wish and the ones you don't are the ones you chose to conceal or do not know.
There's this tiny little detail about you that rarely comes to light. Most times not because you decided to keep them in the cool, not because you love them remaining dormant or unnoticed, but for some reasons we should know shortly, they languish forever in the dark.

The words "Food chain" and "Vegetarian" used in my above quote are far from generic, and if you'll look closely, they are bothered by carets. In other words, they would fit into whatever situation it is that speaks to you. A food chain is a simple organization, linear sequence of a feeding relationship of living organisms. Characterized by animals of different kinds and/or species, where one is a prey, and another a predator, and the one a producer, while the other the consumer, not leaving out the decomposers. Surely, everyone has their niche. We should save some Biology really, but one thing should be on note, i.e ; The higher they go up the chain, the more vast their food options.

Someone's asking how do all these marry, how do they make this discussion hold water?
A lion that fails to understand its place and being will eat grass, even in the jungle. Yes, even in the jungle in the presence of rich meat. "Sometimes its not about what you lack, but what you understand by lack, and many a times, the definition of your being in relation to what you want or most importantly, need." -TW™
As with the food chain, we humans grow in experience with every passing day, whether we take cognizance of it or not would be the issue. Our experience promotes us, and gets us above yesterday's position, but its more in the KNOWING. You've got to know.
Most vegetarians are known to abstain from animal food, though, (funnily) not eggs. I'll play safe ignoring the science of this, and maybe just highlight lightly its psychology and philosophy.
Like every other human, a vegetarian has got the ability to eat flesh. Need I let you know that "Vegetarianism" is a decision, a choice, and there are different forms of it? Ok, I just did.
Apologies to vegetarians, I respect quite fine your decision, I only hope you believe me when I say you can what you think you can't , yes you can. Likening the subject of vegetarianism to the matter at hand, we can most of the things we think we can't. Its just a matter of knowing what really is the truth about you. I talked about growing to garner experience, I also mentioned increase in capacity with relation to experience. I sure still remember I tied it all to KNOWING YOU.
Friends, nothing makes life work better than knowing yourself. Its permitted to believe you possibly can't know all about you, but how much have you exploited/maximized the little you know? Remember, until you realize who you are, you remain limited, and continue to limit your own options.
I understand today with those who have known, but circumstances of life continue to deprive them of living who they are.
There's more that you can do, there's more that you can be, if only you'll take time to understand yourself.
What you like, what you dislike.
Who you like, who you so do not like. (Follow peace with all men is the commandment)
What is often said about you, what you say to yourself in the confines of your heart.
What you'll do readily, and what circumstances will have you do.
How you're being perceived, and how you'll rather be perceived.
Who you are, and who you really wished you were.
If you sat over the universe and its resources, or put mildly, could make anything happen, what exactly would be now?
Where would you be?
What would you be caught doing?
Who would you have made yourself become with such unquestionable powers?
"But I don't have such powers, why bother my mind?" (I know someone is asking). That's where we often miss it. That was no call to fantasize, but a call to deep reasoning, and soul searching.
You can do more, if only you knew you truly was made for more. Accept the challenge, don't fight it.
Once you know who you are, you'll know who you must be, and what you should be caught doing. Mark that; "The measure of knowledge returns to determine the quality of a life." -TW™

Until the next time I find my pen again, stay in the knowing.
Its The Wordsmith™
(C) 2014.
Akogun Olalekan


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