(Stunning): Angel Appears In A Church

...In the Book of books it was recorded that "God Inhabits The Praises Of His People" [Psalm 22:3], but this was as claimed by worshipers at the RCCG ebute meta, brought to physical manifest on the during a wild praise session in the church auditorium.
A look at the image captured by one of the worshipers who claimed to have first seen the Angelic figure watch the praise session, shows the giant figure of a strange looking being by the left side of the auditorium; nothing like what we see on a regular everyday.
The "Photographer" who captured this epic moment with his mobile phone, stated that he was particularly puzzled by the fact that he experienced the unimaginable, in that;
Instead of his camera flashing a light on the image, the image returned a flash back into his own eyes, as he was left 'blind' for moments.
The picture he claimed took him a whole lot of efforts to produce (Obviously no thing as this should come easy).
Looking closely at the picture,

Bloggers get a whole lot of stories brought to their tables for publication, and the decision is theirs to chose which to publish. And then the choice is the reader's to believe or disbelieve and discard the claim(s).



  1. Anonymous17:21

    I cannot really say it is imposible, anything can happen. But is this how angels are?


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