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HEARSAY (The Menace).

...If the story of a man must be told correctly, then it must be told by eyes who saw it, and not ears that heard it.
In this age so pervert that the eyes sending correct signals is disappointed by a mind/brain which processes them using pre-existing variables within it, irrespective of what it is that was sent into it.
The ears are not left out, they are infact one of the most culpable in this. Perhaps some have word manipulating organs/devices in theirs and don't know, and the reason why many hear the same sound resonance and it yet get entirely different things transmitted to their individual cerebral hemisphere, I don't know.
It is often said, and proven correct that;
But then,
Little wonder the popularity of the quote: "I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU SAY, AND NOT WHAT YOU HEAR".
Those trademark quotes will form a f…

Branded Jerseys

They new football season is almost here!
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....Come let us reason together!
Change; and event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another. This could be as a result of an alteration or modification.
To undergo change is to become difference in essence, to undergo change is to experience a degree of transformation.
Change could mean a replacement of a thing with some other or same kind....
Change could just mean about everything in the world.
As the famous saying goes "Change Is Constant", it remains a constant force the holds the earth in its spinning and its people in their living.
It is only natural for man to be sick of being the same man over a number of days, months and years. At every point in time, man dreams a change, a positive, forward moving change. The life of man is such designed to desire an extra, everyman wants an improvement upon his yesterday today.
Some dream a change from worst to worse, worse to bad, bad to good, good to better, better to excellent, as some sitting up th…

Al-Mustapha Is Freed!

...Another major blow has been dealt to the cry of justice in Nigeria.
Maajor Hamzxat Al-Mustapha, indicted and later convicted with murder as it concerns the murder of Late Kudirat Abiola. On June 4, 1996.
Sentenced to death just only recently by a Lagos Supreme court, he took his case to the appeal court in his quest for 'Justice'. 'Justice' sought, justice secured. Today, the 12th day of July 2013, in Igbosere, he's been discharged and acquainted.
In declaring his verdict, the presiding judge accused the lower court of being "stroked to secure a conviction by all means.".
What is left on the table of discussion is; what does this speak of the Nigerian judicial system as the hope for the common man?
Should Mustapha have been discharged and acquainted despite several testimonies and evidences of his unlawful acts, let alone the fact that he was previously sentenced to death?
I'm confused about this, Nigeria am sure is confused too.
A June …

Idol or Hero?

Let's get something straight here, clearing the air/shedding more light to this subject is been long overdue. World over, we have had men of timbre and caliber, and they've have often been misplaced into the wrong category and classified into the wrong class of beings.
After reading this piece, I'm of a high percentage of certainty that you'll readily bring back a list of men who in your/world views have influenced their world.
Running quickly, to enhance your precision in classification, its expedient that I launch into the thick of this subject.
Is there any difference between a hero and an idol? Most people think that both "hero" and "idol" are used in the same context. But the fact is that the two are different. We call a person a hero if that person has done some heroic deed or has done something good for society. A person is attributed the title "idol" because of his good looks or has some good features, but this is not the same as a h…